Thursday, August 18, 2022

NWA convenes meeting on Aug 3

The annual general meeting of Nagaland Wushu Association (NWA) has convened its general meeting on August 3 at NOA office complex, Kohima, 11 am. The meeting will deliberate on preparation of forthcoming Nagaland Olympic and Paralympic Games 2022 with the affiliated associations from all the district of Nagaland.
A technical seminar for instructors will be given by NIS Wushu coach Gabriel Khamo on August 4, 10 am. In this regard, NWA has invited the president and secretary of all affiliated District Wushu Association to attend the general meeting without fail. The association have also asked all the districts to send its instructor to attend the technical session on August 4. A provisional affiliation certificates will be issued during the meeting to all the affiliated association under Nagaland Wushu. For more information, one may contact at 9863238620.


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