Wednesday, October 5, 2022

NZPO welcomes commissioner’s order

Nagaland Zeliang People’s Organisation (NZPO) has appreciated the decision of commissioner, Nagaland, in acknowledging the genuine landownership claim of Lamhai village over the erstwhile Kiyevi village while passing the August 20 order releasing damage compensation to structure owners.
In a press note, NZPO president said that the order made it clear that the release of damage compensation, “to structure owners of illegal residents of erstwhile Kiyevi” was without prejudice to any claim/counter-claims over landownership issue that might arise in the future.
NZPO further noted that the order was in line with the demand submitted by Lamhai Village Council to deputy commissioner (DC) Peren on August 18, 2022, the day DC summoned the village council for consultation regarding the objection to release of the damage compensation– that the damage compensation could be released to the illegal residents on condition that they vacated the land upon receipt of the compensation. NZPO proclaimed that expansion and development of Lamhai Namdi village comprising of other Naga tribes, would continue unabated in the traditional land of Lamhai village in the vicinity and beyond Kiyevi village up to the river Tehaiki or Khovaru, which was the traditional boundary of Lamhai with Chümoukedima. It also said that any opposition to the expansion and development of Lamhai Namdi on its own land by any “illegal encroachers” would not be tolerated.