Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Opinion of youth in improving quality of education

We study concepts but we seldom apply them in real-life. Think about this – we have all studied Economics in school but our sole purpose was to mug up the concepts and parrot it in order to get the most marks. That is the grim reality that has besieged Indian education today. Something that desperately requires change, and that takes me back to Economics and the basic concept we all were introduced to in school – “demand and supply”.
Unless we demand something, no one will bother supplying it. Which is why, it is extremely important that the youth become more vocal about the education system. The reality may be quite different but we have all invariably become the silent consumers of the education system.
Time and again, controversies erupt as one political party changes the narrative that is being taught to the students. And what do we the students do? We simply go back to class, mug up the changed concepts and hope to sail through the subject. Critical reasoning is at best absent and at worst, discouraged.
Even when we buy inane things for ourselves, we pay attention to the quality, we read the labels. Why are we not demanding the same when it comes to education?
Selecting the best or the most suitable teachers is not enough, it is important to keep investing in them.
Our teachers need both time and resource to improve their craft. They need resources and funds to undertake research. In addition, they need a decent salary so that they don’t feel the need to earn money on the sides and can devote their time to skill-development and capacity-building.
Our pedagogy is outdated. We are still relying on the lecture method without looking at the best-practices across the world. The education delivery system need innovation so that students feel engaged. There are multiple problems plaguing the system, but the biggest is we have a youth that is not demanding excellence from the very people who demand excellence from them!
Mhayani Ngullie, Kohima

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