Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Organisations condemn alleged custodial death

Konyak Students’ Union Kohima (KSUK) and Wameken Village Council (WVC) have condemned the alleged custodial death of E. Henveih Phom, a retired Nagaland police personnel from Anaki village under Mokokchung district while in the custody of Assam police.
KSUK: Konyak Students’ Union Kohima has expressed shock to learn about the custodial death of Henveih Phom on August 21, “in the hands of law keepers.”
KSUK president M Honli Konyak, executive chairman Nocklei M and general secretary Pangom W Kheman stated that this was “a matter of serious breach of human rights and fundamental rights” and that the Assam police “should be taught that there are some constitution provisions guaranteed even to a person in custody.”
The union appealed to the state government to take the case with utmost seriousness and initiate judicial proceedings against the personnel involved.
It also urged upon the state government to establish State Human Rights Commission as early as possible since it has already been 29 long years after existence of Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.
WVC: Wameken Village Council has vehemently condemned the alleged custodial death of E. Henveih Phom of Anaki C Village while in the custody of Assam police.
In a condemnation note, WVC chairman, Nungsang Lkr Tatar and secretary, Ben Moa said it was beyond human comprehension that such an act of brutality and savagery was meted out to a neighbour in a border area.
WVC said the act itself was “a test of patience of neighbouring villages which could ignite into a large-scale law and order problems amongst peaceful and friendly people of both states at the border”.
Stating that such “high handedness” of Assam police was experienced “many times” in the area, WVC has appealed the government of Nagaland to take appropriate action in booking the law perpetrators so that justice could be served to the bereaved family and concern community.