Monday, October 3, 2022

Organisations react to NSCN (I-M) targeting Dr Jamir

More organisations have reacted to NSCN (I-M) tirade against former chief minister and governor, Dr SC Jamir
Watsu Mungdang: Watsu Mungdang said it was flustered and disturbed at the veteran leader being singled out and tried to made a scapegoat.
In a press release, Watsu Mungdang president Arenla Longkumer and general secretary Sungtiriben said it was befitting on the part of the political icon, signatory to the 16-Point Agreement and a leader of his stature to speak his mind on the Naga issue.
Terming the accusations made by NSCN (I-M) against Jamir as very destructive, they warned that such accusations would only bring divisions among the Nagas and cause confusion.
They also declared their full support Ao Senden’s stand, adding that they hoped and prayed that the political settlement was made at the earliest without any discord or division among the Nagas.
SST: Soyim Students’ Union (SST) also said that it was extremely bothered by the recent charges and assertions against Dr. S.C. Jamir vis-à-vis the Naga political situation.
In a press note, SST president Moatemsu Longkumer and general secretary Merennukshi Imsong said that Dr. Jamir, as the first general secretary of SST, was a pioneering figure.
The union said that Dr. Jamir has opened the eyes of not just the Ao Nagas, but also the Nagas in general. “He has steered the people toward prosperity and development while serving at the highest levels of government.
As such, levelling charges and accusations against someone like him appears irresponsible and idiotic,” SST said.
“An eyewitness to a number of significant events in Naga history, the only living individual who has seen the course of the Naga peace struggle, Dr. S.C. Jamir’s ideas and participation in the Naga peace discussions are vital, whether anyone likes it or not,” the union said.
SST warned that the union would not remain silent if Dr. Jamir was threatened or harmed, while also pointing out that targeting an individual and publicly tarnishing their reputation was reprehensible.
CALT: Chumoükedima Ao Lanur Telongjem (CALT) has condemned the alleged attempt by NSCN (I-M) leadership to suppress the truth regarding the Framework Agreement (FA) by attacking Jamir.
The organisation in a press release said it was deeply grieved at the recent accusations and blame against “our” highly regarded Naga leader by NSCN (I-M).
At this critical phase in Naga political history when the entire Naga people were eagerly waiting for the long-awaited political solution, CALT said NSCN (I-M) placing the entire blame for decades-long Naga problem on Jamir was unwarranted and highly irresponsible.
“Nagas’ fight for a separate nation from India has always been based on the truth that we Nagas are different from India and that we have a right for self-determination,” the organisation declared.
It mentioned that the only reason why the struggle had endured for so long was the common Na-gas’ support to the cause despite many hardships and sacrifices. However, it regretted that Nagas had learnt to fear the truth and so tried to flee away from it.
According to CALT, a true leader might have many flaws, but he would never waver from the truth. It asked then why Nagas today feared the truth and fought against it, instead of standing up for the truth.
It emphasised that the FA was signed between the Central government and NSCN (I-M), and not with Jamir.
Noting that the veteran leader had only revealed what was said to him by Prime Minister Narenda Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah about the content of FA, CALT pointed out that so far both Modi and Shah had not claimed that whatever Jamir had said was false.
Hence, the organisation said now it was for NSCN (I-M) to reveal the contents of FA so that the common Naga people could finally know who spoke the truth and who were the traders of lies.
Stressing that what was needed at this juncture was people speaking the truth and sharing their dreams and aspirations for a new brighter and better Nagaland, CALT declared that it would always stand for truth and hoped that the whole truth would be revealed soon so that every Naga could finally be free.