Friday, August 19, 2022

Outgoing Prez Kovind asks parties to rise above partisan politics

Outgoing President Ram Nath Kovind Saturday asked citizens to use Gandhian means to express opposition and pursue demands, and said parties should shun partisan politics to deliberate on what is necessary for people’s welfare by keeping in mind that the nation is supreme.
In his farewell address to parliamentarians at Parliament’s Central Hall, the President likened the Indian parliamentary system to a big family and emphasised on the values of peace, harmony and dialogue to resolve all “family differences”.
Citizens have constitutional rights to convey their opposition and apply pressure in support of their demands but they should use their rights peacefully using Gandhian means, he said.
In his message to political parties, he said, “As in any family, Parliament has at times differences and different political parties may have different views on the way forward. But we are all members of this parliamentary family whose top priority is to work continuously in the interest of the giant family which is our nation.”
His comments assume significance at a time when parliamentary proceedings have been frequently disrupted due to the Opposition’s vocal protests over a number of issues in both Houses of Parliament. Different parts of the country have also witnessed protests, at times violent, at different points of time.
Political parties and people have many constitutional means to express their opposition, he said, noting that Mahatma Gandhi had used peace and non-violence to achieve his goals while also respecting the other side.


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