Monday, October 3, 2022

Overpopulation and its impact on the Indian economy

Overpopulation can be defined as a situation where the total number of the existing human population exceeds the actual carrying capacity. Overpopulation is also the major cause which is affecting the Economy of all the problems and natural calamities faced by the environment.
The global population touched the 7th Billion on 31st October 2011. The world has been growing by 1 billion every 10 to 12 years recently standing alone with almost 7.5th billion in 2016. India’s share alone is more than 1.2 billion in the population and currently India’s population is 1.39 crores. There are many economic and social factors leading to the population growth rate and some factors are low mortality rate, high birth rate, illiteracy, lack of family planning, large-scale migration, etc. Also, depletion of natural resources in one place results in overpopulation at some other place where the resources are abandoned.
Some of the problems related to overpopulation include:

  1. Resources depletion: One of the major causes of overpopulation is the depletion of resources over a population area, the more people using specific resources increases results in fast consumption covering the rapid depletion of resources. Vital resources like food and water are scarce in case of overpopulation even the basic health and transport facilities become rare.
  2. Unemployment: One of the major problems of the world today is unemployment and is one of the most severe consequences of overpopulation. The more the number of people in an area the lesser the job opportunity. Thus, unemployment becomes a significant ill effect of overpopulation.
  3. Poverty: The greater the unemployment issue the higher will be the chances of increasing the poverty level which can be regarded as the need consequence of unemployment caused by overpopulation. However, poverty is also connected to scarcity of resources and basic needs of health and education arising out of Overpopulation. Thus we can say that a crowded place will always have poor unemployment opportunities, leading to poverty.
  4. Poor law and order: Economic problems like poverty unemployment, and depletion, of natural resources arising out of overpopulation results in poor law and order conditions which will force people to take up the illegal profession of robbery, and other criminal activities increasing the crime rate, as those people will require the basic needs for living.
    There are many other impacts on the economy of a particular country that may arise due to overpopulation leading to social, economic, and development issues. So it is very important to make the people aware of the ill effects of overpopulation in the most insignificant method to eliminate it, which can be removed through awareness operating proper education in school, colleges, seminars or workshops in villages, etc., or by advertising through different modes of communication which include Social media as an important tool to make such awareness about overpopulation.
    When people understand that the quality of life depends on the number of family members and the lesser the member the better and the higher it will be. The fight against overpopulation will not be much easy but it is necessary, unless the population of the world is kept under control it would not be possible to achieve the development that the world socks.
    Meyarenba and Jeson,
    BA 1st semester,
    Economics Honours,
    Immanuel College