Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pangnyu flags off ‘Eat right walkathon’ in Kohima

Minister for Health & Family Welfare (H&FW) S Pangnyu Phom Tuesday flagged off a day walkathon and a mela demonstration on how to “Eat Right”.
In a press release, directorate of H&FW informed that the event was organised by the food safety authority, department of H&FW. The walkathon was flagged off at Classic Island, near Red Cross Building, Kohima and culminated at St. Peter School, Supply Colony, Kohima.
With participation by students, government officials and several people from the food industry, the department said the walkathon focused on educating consumers, as well as many from the food industry on the importance of hygienic practices.
In his speech, Pangnyu said consumption of local foods was the need of the hour and the majority of staple food items in Nagaland are healthy since they are organically produced.
The minister further requested the students to adopt a new food culture that includes safe, healthy, and sustainable foods to lead a healthy life. In addition, he requested the students to take the COVID-19 vaccination and follow the COVID protocols properly.
H&FW, principal director, Dr. K. Vikato Kinimi gave a speech on the significance of the “eat right walkathon” event, where the main objective of the campaign was to sensitize consumption of healthy and safe local foods to the children so that they can inculcate a new food culture to lead a healthy life.

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