Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Patton now lauds seat sharing with NDPP

In a marked departure from his earlier statement, where he expressed unhappiness at not being consulted before deciding on the seat sharing between NDPP and BJP for the 2023 assembly polls, deputy chief minister and BLP leader Y Patton has welcomed the BJP central leadership’s decision for continuance of the 40:20 seat sharing formula.
Patton recalled having reiterated on several occasions that the BJP-NDPP alliance would complete its full term and even beyond. He claimed that State Assembly was functioning smoothly for about four-and-a-half years without any hindrance, until an opposition-less government was formed. Patton said a final decision on any issue in any national party solely rested on the “high command”, keeping in view the larger interest of the country and the prevailing situation.
He expressed gratitude to the BJP Central leadership for their wisdom to let the alliance continue keeping in mind the national interest and regional context.
He appealed to BJP legislators and karyakartas not to be dismayed by the seat sharing arrangement as it was done in the best interest of the people and as per a long-term vision of the party. According to Patton, what set BJP apart as an organisation was that its every member was committed to serving the interests of the party and people.
Hence, Patton called for giving unflinching support to the alliance because it was coming back stronger and better than last time.
“Together we shall commit ourselves and strive to strengthen the BJP-NDPP alliance for the greater good of the people of our State setting aside selfish aspirations,” Patton stated.


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