Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Patton unveils memorial plaque of late Aphamo Lotha


Deputy chief minister, Y. Patton on Thursday, unveiled the memorial plaque of signatory of the famous letter to the Simon Commission and also the first British-India interpreter, late Apamo Lotha at Phiro village, here on Thursday.
Speaking at the programme, Patton said it was a proud moment for the people of Phiro because one of its son had participated in a landmark event which has gone down in the annals of Naga history.
Special invitee and Naga Club president, Kuolachalie Seyie in a brief remark said late Apamo Lotha participated in WW-I as part of the Naga Labour Corps in the city of Marseilles France in 1917-18 and became the first Lotha interpreter at the deputy commissioner’s office in Kohima. He was also the lone Lotha signatory in the famous memorandum submitted by the Naga Club to the Simon Commission on January 10, 1929, he added.
Nagas are clear and proud because of their forefathers like late Apamo Lotha and other likeminded members, he stated.
He also added that Naga National Council (NNC) correctly read the legal, political and historical meaning of the stand of forefathers such as Rheichalie Pienyü, Aphamo Lotha and others of the Naga Club. Seyie said Nagas were greatly indebted to the pioneers like late Apamo Lotha and others from the Naga Club because who had an illustrious political history that Nagas could be proud of. Others who spoke on the occasion included retired commissioner, M. Patton, principal secretary, E. M Patton and Ekyimthung Patton on behalf of the family.
Earlier, Y. Vandanshan Lotha chaired the programme, Tongtipan Lotha gave a brief report while dedicatory prayer and benediction were offered by Phiro village Baptist Church pastor, Rev. Thungjanshio Odyuo and home evangelist, Rev. A. Rapvuo Odyuo.
A host of dignitaries including members of Naga Club members, APO and others attended the programme.


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