Friday, October 7, 2022

Performance incentive grants for govt schools

The Nagaland Education Project- The Lighthouse (NECTAR) on Saturday announced Performance Incentive Grants (PIG) for all government schools in the State in three batches over a two-year period, based one certain criteria.
PIG which will be made available for all 1953 government schools is part of the governance and capacity building component of NEP-The Lighthouse (NECTAR), a project funded by the World Bank.
According to the project director of Nagaland Education Project – The Lighthouse (NECTAR), Thavaseelan K the project, with the focus on strong culture of community led development in Nagaland, emphasizes to reinforce the relevance of “Communitisation” of schools and strengthen the community’s role as guardians of public institutions.
Thavaseelan said, of the total 1953 government schools, 1741 applications were received, out of which 743 applications were shortlisted for the first batch based on specific set of criteria after thorough screening of the applications.
Orientation and Capacity Building for the School Management Committees (SMCs) and School Management and Development Committees (SMDCs) of the shortlisted schools covering all the districts were conducted in the District Headquarters from May 16 to 24.
PIG proposals for 738 schools have been approved and the funds will be disbursed directly to the SMC and SMDC accounts by the last week of June 2022 post signing of the memorandum of understanding (MoUs). The work implementation period is from July 1 to November 15, 2022. In order to ensure accountability, he said a robust monitoring mechanism has been put in place. In the event of any misuse of funds, SMCs/SMDCs may be blacklisted and furthermore excluded from availing future grants from the project/department.
All shortlisted schools have been informed to contact the District Project Assistants (NECTAR) or EBRC co-ordinators (SAMAGRA) for signing of the MoU on or before June 24, 2022.
Thavaseelan noted that lack of information and capacity of SMCs and SMDCs has hindered their involvement in the school system. Therefore, he said in order to build capacity and to enhance participation and promote commitment of the SMCs and SMDCs, the Performance Incentive Grants is being made available for all government schools.
Criteria: Thavaseelan said SMCs and SMDCs will be given the liberty to make their own need-based proposals (Action Plan). While the guidelines discourage major infrastructural works, the committees are encouraged to focus on improving and augmenting the school learning environment and undertake urgent repair and renovations.
As part of community engagement, activities like monthly SMC/SMDC meetings, half yearly Parent Teacher meetings, outreach to dropouts and vulnerable groups have been made mandatory. The committees are also encouraged to come up with innovative activities and ways to revive indigenous practices through story telling sessions, hands-on sessions in handicraft, weaving, gardening, farming, etc.