Thursday, July 7, 2022

Petrol pumps to remain open on Sundays in three districts

Chümoukedima, Dimapur and Niuland Petroleum Dealers Association (CDBPDA) has informed that petrol pumps would remain open on Sundays starting June 26 onwards as petroleum and petroleum products fall under the Essential Commodities Act.
In a press note, the association president Neigutoulie Kenguruse also informed all petrol pumps to check quality of fuel in the morning before delivering it to the customers and ensure that there was no water in underground tank. It said the checking must done in front the first customer in the morning and proceed the sale only after the customer’s satisfaction, with their signature or mobile number on customers register or board.
The association warned that if the procedure was not followed, the petrol pumps would not be held responsible for finding water in the vehicle tanks.
Further, it also informed that as per the government directive, petrol now contains 10% ethanol as an environment friendly.
It has, therefore, advised the car owners and motorists to exercise extra care so water did not come in contact with petrol, which could happen during routine war wash or during rain.
The association stated that small amount of water was enough to attract ethanol in the petrol to separate it in a distinct layer, which settles down at the bottom of fuel tank.
The association informed that it would make vehicles difficult to start or give jerks while driving.


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