Saturday, October 8, 2022

‘Photography on Tour’ exhibition is to be hosted in all NE state capitals

Commemorating the “World Photography Day” and “World Tourism Day” 2022, the photography on tour exhibition is to be hosted in all the eight capital cities of all the North Eastern States of India as well as in the capital city of India – New Delhi. It is a month-long exhibition tour from August – September, which will be hosted in various Schools, Colleges, Universities, Visual Art Galleries as well as during the First Nagaland Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Investment and Banking Conclave 2022 at NBCC Convention Centre, Kohima from August 22 – 23.
“Photography on Tour” is titled “A Walk Into A Fading Heritage” by Donindra Yengkhom, Fading Heritage. An ethnography documentary photography exhibition tour.
Fading Heritage, is a not-for-profit media production house based in Dimapur. Donindra Yengkhom is the founder-cum-managing director of Fading Heritage. The media house is a pan North East India initiative covering all the eight States in the North Eastern region. It is an ethnography documentary project undertaken among the many indigenous and tribal communities of North East India.
“A Walk Into A Fading Heritage” is a tour where many legendary stories from across the villages of North East India find listeners through a series of photo essays depicting the many facets of “Our People, Our Place and Our Culture”. The tales of which have emerged out of Morungs, out of peoples’ bravery, and out of lands that are enchanted by the diverse cultural heritage and festivities which is fighting the wave of modern-day evolution of urban living in a cosmopolitan society.
Cultural heritage plays a pivotal role amongst many tribal and indigenous communities particularly in the North Eastern States of India.