Sunday, August 14, 2022

Police caution public against online fraudsters

Nagaland police have cautioned the public that fraudsters were impersonating political executives or senior government officials including police on WhatsApp and asking for financial assistance.
In a press release, Nagaland police PRO said the modus operandi of the fraudsters was to register in WhatsApp using black/fake SIM cards, use photograph of the person impersonated as a WhatsApp profile picture, get the name and phone number of potential victims from websites and other social media accounts (friends list) of the person impersonated, share the link of Amazon Pay Gift Cards to the victims asking them to purchase the same and send the cards or claim codes to the fraudster. Police said the fraudsters generally claim they were out of town, in a conference/meeting, or otherwise engaged and therefore ask the potential victim to make the purchase for them.
Further, police informed that fraudsters were impersonating people on other social media platforms especially Facebook using the same modus operandi with the motive of asking for financial assistance and defrauding innocent victims.
The police have reiterated that one should not give/make any financial transaction to other people without ascertaining their identity.

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