Thursday, August 11, 2022

Positive cases of African Swine Fever confirmed in Kohima, Dimapur districts

Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services department has informed that positive cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) have been confirmed in Meriema, Viswema and Dzulakie village of Kohima district, and Unity Colony at Purana Bazar & Bamunpukhuri colony of Dimapur district.
The ASF outbreak was confirmed after laboratory test reports through RT-PCR from NERDDL, Guwahati. So far seven districts in the State have been affected, it added.
The department informed that through clinical symptoms, the “Acute Form” of the disease was being exhibited by the deceased pigs. To prevent further spread of the disease, the department has, therefore, requested all the pig rearers, as well as the general public in the positive villages/colonies (i.e. epicentres) to maintain strict biosecurity measures in their respective farms/pig sty. The department has also requested the public to refrain from consuming pork of unknown origin as it might become the source of infection.
Further, it informed that any dead pigs should be disposed of through deep burial protocols followed by proper sanitization of the area with the help of a veterinarian. As there are no treatment protocols for the disease at present, except to cull/depopulate, the department has appealed to the general public to follow the following measures:
 Inform sudden death of pigs to the nearest Veterinary Institute.
 Do not consume the dead pigs.
 List out the number of pigs that died along with photos, and approximate body weight, and after duly certified by the Village/ Colony Authority the same must be submitted to the chief veterinary officer for authentication.
 Follow the deep burial method, at least 6 ft. deep, followed by spreading of lime/bleaching powder.
 Do not throw the carcass in the river/canal/stream/ water bodies.
 Sanitize the areas/sheds/troughs completely using the recommended solution.
 Wash hands, feet, clothing, etc properly with soap.
 Seek assistance of a veterinarian for disinfecting the area.
 Do not re-populate the pigs, without Department’s consultation.
 Demarcate areas into Infected Zone, Surveillance Zone & Free Zone with the help of AH&VS deptt.


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