Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Power shutdown under Sovima, Chumu feeders

In view of the emergency maintenance work of 132kv Imphal-Dimapur transmission line of the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, the Power Grid has informed that there would be power shutdown in areas under 66kV Sovima TL feeder and 66kV Chumu TL feeder from 5am to 9am starting August 25-27, 2022.
The areas to be affected include Sovima village, Unity village, 5th Mile model village, 7th Mile village, Sodzulhou village, Kirha village, Darogapahor, 3rd Mile ARTC, Dimapur Airport, Thilixu Block-2, Chekiye Block 5 &6, Ikishe & Diphupar-B village, Chumoukedima town, Seithekema area, Naga united, New Showba to Vihokhu village, Old Showba, 7th Mile model village, Tenyiphe-I, Tenyiphe-2, Virazouma, Chumoukedima A, Chumoukedima village, Shokhuvi, Vidima and Kiyeto.