Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pre-launch of Peren District Football League held

In commemoration of the 75th year anniversary of Peren township, the pre-launch of the first Peren District Football League (PDFL) organised by Peren District Football Association (PDFA) was held on September 10, at Indoor Stadium, Peren Town with executive engineer, Power Department, Er. Tsiamchi Ndang, as the special guest.
The league will kick off on October 4, 2022 at Jalukie ‘B’ village ground.
The ‘league logo’ was unveiled by the special guest and the logo designer Philip Malangmei with the theme “Rise as One, Win as All”.
The PDFL 2022 Champions Trophy was unveiled by the special guest and the PDFA Cup 2022 winner trophy was unveiled by ADC Peren, Keyirangding Hegui.
The Peren District Football Association (PDFA) anthem was released by composer president, Peren District Music Society, Namnahei Nza.
PDFL 2022 season tickets were released by EAC, Peren, Seyievilie Pfukri, and SDO, PWD (R&B) & Peren District Sports Council member, Er. Asembe Mbung.
The official ball of the league was unveiled by executive engineer, PHED, Er. Ichirang.
The eight clubs participating in the first season of PDFL are Barak Football Academy, Native Feathers FC, Benreu FC, Northern Zeme Sports Association, Nsong Area Sports Association, Prime FC, Puiteing FC and Lekie Mtei FC.
At the programme, chairman, Peren Town Ward Chairman Union, Gaigong Hegeu, shared a short speech on the 75th Year Anniversary of Peren Township. Keyichetle presented a special music and all the eight participating clubs were introduced and club jerseys were unveiled by the club promoters.
The programme concluded with the prayer of blessings by Pastor, Peren Town Baptist Church, Haiku Nza.