Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Present situation and the stand of NNC

In the present situation many Naga are confused with the framework Agreement and the Agreed Position in the present peace talks with the Government of India (GOI). The Naga people are watching which group would be heavier when the two groups are weighed by the GOI. And with some politician and some Civil set up Organizations were also after them with each group so that, their side might be heavier when weighed. This is what the GOI is playing politics in Nagaland. Even some clergymen were also with such groups leaving away the original path for a contented life to live with the authorities of the Indian government. Being the State of Nagaland for Christ, it’s ours duty to show the identity of our belief before others.
In Nagaland one renegade group demands sovereignty and integration at first, but this was flatly rejected by the GOI. And now they are demanding Flag and constitution with some competencies which make our people curious to know the content. That ball is now with GOI whether to grant or not, is a question.
So, also the other group having peace talk with GOI seems to be in the last part of inking after the agreed position was made. Earlier they speak only Nagas of Nagaland State, but now their slogan seems to change. Here is also question when will it be done, as it depends on the owner of the giver.
The Naga National Council (NNC) and the Federal government of Nagaland (FGN) in no point of time demand anything from the GOI, but in good sense the Nagas asking India to leave from Nagaland. Nagas declared its independence one day before India. It was clear that Indians live under the British empire for so many years till the British government granted Independence to them. Before the British intruded into Nagaland the Nagas encountered with the Ahoms and at last agreed to live side by side peacefully upon well demarcated boundaries between them. The British first came in contact with the Nagas when they intruded the Nagas country in the year 1832. Since then there were intermittent warfare between the Nagas and the British lasting 48 years. All these years the Nagas valiantly and relentlessly defended their country. Thus the British sought for peace with the Nagas. Thereby, a verbal agreement was arrived at between the two peoples (Britishers and Naga), Where the Nagas allowed the British to stay in their land provided they do not interfere in the affairs of Naga tradition and social life.
To make clear of our position when we are not Indians, how then shall we demand our sovereignty from our aggressor India. Nagas make known our sovereign to India as well as to the United Nations Organization (UNO) one day of India’s Independent on 14th August 1947. To show our unity and position as a nation conducted Voluntary Plebiscite on 16th May 1951 which was informed to the GOI and to the UNO respectively. On 22nd March 1956 the Nagas formed a government known as Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN). Nagas have our own Flag and Constitution from the beginning itself. We are a Nation and we need no permission from any other foreign country.
Indians should be ashamed in describing the Nagas as the oldest insurgency group in India. Nagas are defending our land and its people and not fighting with Indians, and this Indians should know. On 19th August 1946 Jawaharlal Nehru described the status of Nagaland in connection with Couplan Plan as: “Nagaland being those long frontiers of India which are neither part of India nor Burma nor of India states nor any foreign power.” On 19th July 1947 Naga delegation met Mahatma Gandhi at Bhangi Colony Delhi, Gandhi encouraged Naga Independence, and when he was informed of the Indian’s evil intention he promised to sacrifice his life for Nagas in case if India Government used force. C.Rajagopalachari first Governor General of India clearly stated that Nagas have every right to be Independent outside the India Union”. The first C-in-C of the India Army and Field Marshal Gen. Cariappa said “India Army would never be used against the Nagas under his command”.
The Nagas acknowledge the leaders of India who honestly stated the uniqueness of the Nagas that the Nagas have full liberty to stay as an Independent Nation basing on the historical right. The educated Indians are using 16th Point Agreement and Shillong accord as Indians weapons to make confuse of the Naga young educated people. This two should not be confused by our young educated Nagas as the records are clear enough. The Ceasefire of 6th Sept. 1964 between the Federal Government of Nagaland and the Government of India over run the Statehood of 3rd Dec. 1963 so, also Shillong Accord is an invalid document that both the GOI and the FGN could implement with this accord. The more the India talks of this accord the more they will be ashamed. But till today the Indians are always trying to evade the truth which they can no longer conceal.
When our people realized and know the truth, then there is always ways to do what we should do. It may take years but Nagas will surely be as a free nation. Dear fellow Nagas, we are going to celebrate the 75th age old Nagaland Independence declaration and it is at hand. And therefore, I would like to urge all Naga brothers and sisters not to be confused of the present Naga peace talks and know that India is playing politics with them.
Indo-Naga conflict is a case of forceful aggression and that India should know and quit Nagaland. Nagas are not Indians and Nagaland is not in India territory.
History is very clear and so, The Nagas will never submit our right to the aggressor though powerful India Nation might be. Nagas believed that the conflict between the two nations would be amicably settled in peaceful ways and means.
Acüyi Vadeo
Joint secretary, NNC

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