Friday, October 7, 2022

Pro tem team to restructure LBCA

Lotha Baptist Churches Association (LBCA) pro-tem executives, who were installed on March 28, have gone ahead with the required restructuring and administering the association. The team would hold office for a period of six months.
LBCA pro tem executive secretary, Rev. Dr. Ezamo Murry, stated that a style of administration under a group of leaders created a very unpleasant situation in LBCA creating “unrest in every soul” under the association. He said it became obvious that no agency, religious or civil could question or stop the “dangerous trend” the administrators were leading the association to.
He said only the apex body– Lotha Hoho, could create the jolt and make the que for a group of ministerial elders naming them Pro tem group to work out solution during six months and recover the normal functioning of LBCA.
In its first attempt, Rev.Murry said the pro tem group called the churches together at Okotso (the place where the Association was formed in 1923) on April 5, 2022. He claimed that majority of churches at the meeting favoured the change of guard while more were yet to join the majority group.
The new team include Rev.Zanao Mozhüi (pro tem president), Rev.Ellis Lotha (pro tem vice president), Rev. Dr. Benry Lotha (pro tem secy.), Rev.Dr.Ezamo Murry (pro tem executive secy), Rev. Ezanbemo Odyuo (pro tem assistant secy), Rev. Sankilema Kikon (pro tem treasurer), and four other members.