Thursday, August 18, 2022

PYO reacts to inauguration of resting shed

Reacting to an inauguration of resting shed at Thüvopisümi Dzüdü Lake, Pholami Youth Organisation (PYO) on Tuesday, “denounced Thüvopisü Youth Association” for the inauguration of the resting shed at Lake Dzüdü by additional deputy commissioner (ADC) of Chozuba on July 20.
In a press release, PYO president Shehüve Swüro and general secretary Küdupoyi Nakro said Lake Dzüdü was discovered by their ancestors “before the existence of Thüvopisü Village and had always belonged to Pholami Village.”
PYO said Thüvopisü Youth Association built the resting shed “without notifying or obtaining permission from Pholami Village”.
The organisation, however said it learned the inauguration of resting shed, through the media.
In this regard, PYO said it “vandalised the newly built resting shed” and warned that “no construction as such” would be allowed on the ancestral land of Pholami Village.

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