Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Quick and easy

There have been numerous reports of Police in parts of India especially Delhi, having arrested Nigerian drug or fraudsters and in significant number of cases, the women accomplices were reported to be from the north east states. Women and girls from the north east have been the biggest victims who are being ensnared by Nigerian fraudsters or scamsters. According to Delhi Police, the gullible girls from the north east (that also includes Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam), were lured by the Nigerian fraudsters or drug dealers through the social media by posting photographs and showing how rich they were. Delhi Police also disclosed that they regularly receive complaints from women and girls of north eastern states after falling prey to the nefarious criminal activities of Nigerian fraudster or drug dealing gangs. In several cases, the women and girls from the region, have been arrested for involvement in drug trafficking as conduits for the Nigerian traffickers. Earlier reports revealed, that many women and girls from the region work in beauty parlours or Spas and get befriended with Nigerian men. Soon these gullible women get entrapped into a live-in relationship and then get dragged to become couriers of contraband items. The media used by the fraudsters are Facebook, messenger, e-mail etc through which they convince the victims with offers of marriage, promises of starting businesses, making gifts or opening consultancy services in metro cities. Some became friends with the Nigerian criminals on social media sites or at prayer meetings or church services in New Delhi. Gullible girls wanting to live luxurious life style become live-in partners of their Nigerian friends thinking that they have found a gold mine and soon get into the criminal network, willingly or not. The girls from north east are the easiest prey for the Nigerian gangs,who have found rich pickings in the region as they realise that people love good and easy life. The old modus operandi is to first offer expensive gifts through Facebook or Instagram and then ask them to deposit money as clearance fees. Many women in the Northeast have fallen victim and got duped when such gangs offered cars or diamond sets as prizes of Internet-based lottery and deposit-processing fees, between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1 lakh. In a recent case, a woman reportedly from Nagaland, was arrested along with her Nigerian friend by Meghalaya Police and Delhi Police for their involvement in a Cyber Fraud case at Williamnagar Police Station. Not only gullible people getting preyed upon, cheated, left high and dry and sometimes imprisoned due to associations with Nigerian fraudsters, there is also a continuing bank scam reported even by several banks in Dimapur. It is easy all about getting easy money without worrying about the consequences. Hundreds of people in Dimapur and other parts of the state sell the saving bank accounts with ATM cards for around Rs.5000 to fraudsters without any thought of the consequences. These saving bank accounts and ATMs cards are then used to deposit money obtained criminally and immediately withdrawn. The fraudsters then vanish but those who sold their bank accounts with ATM cards are then left to face the consequences by the law. These incidents reveal the many vulnerabilities of people from the north east to the ‘Act East’ focus from foreigners and fraudsters.

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