Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Ranveer Brar’s YouTube channel is India’s first to go 4K

Chef and actor Ranveer Brar has announced that his food channel on YouTube has gone sharper as it is the first in India to be 4K. Brar released a video, where he made the exciting announcement. In the clip he is heard saying: “Lights, camera, action. This is Ranveer Brar and I have an announcement to make and the news is that since yesterday, our channel has become 4K. India’s first channel to go all 4K.” Brar’s YouTube channel which goes by the name Chef Ranveer Brar currently has 5.33M subscribers.
The Lucknow-born 44-year-old chef has judged ‘Masterchef India’. He’s also an author and restaurateur. He made his acting debut with Hansal Mehta’s ‘Baai’ in ‘Modern Love Mumbai’.