Monday, August 8, 2022

R&B reacts to claim of Pochury bodies

Nagaland Public Works Department (Road & Bridges) has reacted to the allegations made by Pochury organisations particularly the incident that purportedly occurred on April 29, 2022 in the office chamber of the chief engineer (R&B).
Pochury Hoho and Pochury Hoho Kohima (PHK) had claimed that the public leaders had gone to lodge official complaint against the contractor for not executing the works, but the contractor attempted to manhandle the leaders and threatened with dire consequences in the presence of the chief engineer.
In a press release, engineer-in-chief NPWD, Er. Kahuli Sema, sought to present the sequential event that took place on April 29, 2022 in the office chamber of the chief engineer PWD (R&B).
Er. Kahuli stated that on that day, the Kamaleah area village councils submitted ultimatum pertaining to construction of road from Lephori to Molhe Camp (130 Pillars) in the office chamber of the chief engineer PWD (R&B) during office hour.
She said the ultimatum was submitted to chief engineer PWD (R&B) office by one individual on behalf of Kamaleah area village councils.
On that particular evening, engineer-in-chief said that she called the contractor Lhuosakuolie Metha (L Metha) to attend the office to discuss a matter pertaining to PMGSY works at around 7 p.m. since officers of the PMGSY cells were about to go out of station the next day.
Coincidentally, Er. Kahuli said that Kamaleah area village council members came to the office of the chief engineer PWD (R&B) in the evening at around 7pm to deliberate on the ultimatum, saying they could not meet her the previous day since she was not present in the office.
In the course of discussion, Er. Kahuli said L Metha arrived in the office chamber and he, being the contractor, also joined in the discussion.
She said that the contractor highlighted the problems he was facing in execution of the three works and the extra effort he was taking to complete the works. He also purportedly said that the area leaders/public have, instead of appreciating the extra efforts he was putting into the works, been “constantly/regularly pointing out all minor defects/ errors of his works which is leading to uncalled for mental tension and harassment for him.”
Er. Kahuli clarified that the contractor “manhandling/abusing and threatening” the area leaders/area people in her office chamber on April 29, 2022 did not happen in her presence. “Also, I am not aware of the Contractor calling some youths to the Office,” stated engineer-in-chief.


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