Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Restart Tuli railway, begin oil operation at Tssori-Changpang: CNSA

Central Nagaland Students’ Association (CNSA) has urged upon the State government to make Tuli railway line operational and also restart oil exploration at the Tssori-Changpang oil wells.
CNSA took up the issues following a tour of Mokokchung and Wokha districts by its delegation led by CNSA president R.Sunep Pongen and vice president Lipemo M.Tsopoe on September 12 and 13.
In Wokha, the touring CNSA team held a joint meeting with Changpang Village Council (CVC), Changpang Students’ Union (CSU) and Lower Lotha Range Students’ Union (LLRSU) on September 12, where they discussed the issue of oil exploration at Tssori-Changpang ONGC located at Chanpang and Tssori villages.
According to CNSA, the CVC chairman Nzanbemo informed that there are currently 33 oil rigs in the area, of which 28 were actively producing oil.
The Changpang oilfield was established years ago (around 1981) but due to ongoing drilling and oil extraction operations at the other side in the neighbouring State, the oil rigs situated in Changpang region were getting depleted.
In order to prevent local oil resources from being drained out by the neighbouring state, the CVC chairman and student leaders urged the State government to act quickly and also to recognise the rights of the landowners.
Later, the CNSA team also visited Tuli railway located near the defunct Tuli Paper Mill under Mokokchung district. There, CNSA held a joint meeting with Tsudikong Town Council (TTC), Langpangkong Tsukong Mungdang (LTM) and Langpangkong Students’ Conference (LSC).
The meeting discussed restarting railway passenger train service and operation of the Tuli railway station.
The meeting agreed that functioning of the railway station would benefit not only the people of Mokokchung district, but also of neighbouring districts.
TTC chairman P.Meren Jamir recalled that passenger train service operated in Tuli for three months during 2000-2001. He however lamented that the Tuli railway station was abandoned by the government. He said since then, there has been no word from the government about efforts to maintain or revive the station.
The meeting noted that Nagaland would gain when the railway line is restarted and therefore, called upon the government to renovate and begin train services as soon as possible.
It was also pointed out that since station and train infrastructure were already in place and coal and stone chips were occasionally transported to Assam through the rail track, the meeting participants insisted that the government must make efforts to revive the Tuli railway station.
Summing up the tour, CNSA stressed that restoration of Tssori-Changpang ONGC and Tuli railway station would help in generate revenue, provide employment and help the State government in many aspects. CNSA also alleged that the state government was turning a deaf ear and neglecting these issue for too long.
CNSA said similar appeals had been made by different organisations on many occasions but there was no response. CNSA expressed the hope that the state government will not ignore these issues and needs of the people and start working on turning the resources into revenues.