Friday, August 12, 2022

Resting shed inaugurated at Thüvopisümi Dzüdü Lake


Additional deputy commissioner (ADC), Chozuba, Imokokla on Wednesday, inaugurated a resting shed, here, at Thüvopisümi Dzüdü Lake.
Speaking at the inaugural function, the ADC acknowledged the initiative of Thüvopisümi Youth Association (TYA) for construction of the resting shed and said that the youth had the potential to bring changes in the society.
She advised them to carry forward their mission and take it to social media, to popularise the place.
At the programme, Chozuba Town Council administrator, Zachisato Tetseo highlighted the history of the village and encounters of the people with the lake spirit and how the village was named “Codemi” meaning “thick wooded walls/fence” and later changed to Thüvopisümi.
Pointing out that there were abundant blessings in flora and fauna in the village, he lauded the village council and public for the water supply being provided to Chozuba Town.
Zachisato also claimed that British officials during World War II also experienced and spotted unusual sights in the lake and were left terrified.
The programme was chaired by Thüvopisümi Youth Association (TYA), President, Künükhrüyi Dozo while village Council chairman (VCC), Thüvopisümi, Vekuyi Dozo proposed vote of thanks.
A special number was presented by Dzüdü Kro, invocation was offered by TBC pastor Amudo Tetseo and benediction by TVC chaplain, Mürhenyi Rhakho.


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