Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Restoration of railways track in Dima Hasao in full swing

With the situation in Dima Hasao is gradually returning to normalcy, the restoration work of the railways continues in full swing.
Due to heavy torrential rains and massive landslides, around 85 Kms of railway track in the Lumding – Badarpur hill section of Lumding division were badly affected, NE Now reported.
Breaches had occurred at more than 61 locations in this section, resulting in disruption of the rail communication to the hilly states of Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and south Assam.
Restoration works at 46 locations have already been completed and work at other 15 critical locations is going on in full vigour, NF Railway said in a statement.
During mid-May, 2022, Dima Hasao district witnessed more than the normal rainfall. In locations like Maibong, Mahur, New Haflong, Jatinga Lampur, New Harangajao and Damcherra the exaggerated downpour resulted in landslips, flash floods and washouts causing the disruption. N.F. Railway is targeting speedy restoration work in the entire hill section with an aim to restart services by July, 10 2022. The weather in this region is still fierce, but the intensity of rainfall has lessened. Even in such weather, thousands of workers and hundreds of machines are working day and night in this area under the supervision of Railway officials, it said. The entire stretch from Badarpur to Jatinga Lumpur has already been restored.
N.F. Railway authorities with co-ordination and co-operation of different organisations have geared up for early restoration to bring the hill section’s railway connectivity back on track.
Officials of the NF Railway are working relentlessly to restore communication as early as possible for the affected population of the cut-off region.