Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Revival hour, crusade underway in Kohima, Dimapur

Correspondent/Staff Reporter

The first phase of Revival Crusade (inter-denominational) under the initiative of Koinonia Baptist Church started on April 21 at PWD junction, Kohima as part of its yearlong silver jubilee celebrations under the theme ‘Proclaim the year of the Lord’.
In Dimapur, a “revival hour” organised by Bor Lengri Lotha Baptist Church (BLLBC) under the theme, “Born with the Holy Spirit” (John 3:5) got underway at BLLBC on Sunday.
Sharing the word of God at the crusade, Koinonia Baptist Church pastor, Medotseilieü Kiewhuo, said as human beings, “we tend to be weakened by sicknesses, family problems and various affairs of life”.
However, the Holy Spirit was sent to empower “us” to bear it all in faith and whoever receives the Holy Spirit will be strengthened and empowered to face the ordeals in life. Healing prayers were also offered and the crusade was held with assistance from PWD youth wing and colony council volunteers.
The service was led by Koinonia Prayer Centre, assistant pastor, H Rokopra Mekro, special praise was made by Rubies of Koinonia Baptist Church Youth, while praise and worship was led by Koinonia Prayer Centre worship team.
Testimony was shared by Bindhu Prasad, a convert and while sharing she challenged the people through her divine encounter with Jesus and stated that if people come to Nagaland only for business and did not accept Jesus Christ, it will be the greatest loss in their life’s business.
On April 22, the revival was held at Poterlane where the service was led by Khriezovolie Suokhrie and testimony was given by Vizosul Sachü who shared about his recovery from alcohol addiction and healing of her daughter from cancer after his encounter with Jesus.
The speaker for the revival was Rokopra Mekro, who shared the message from Luke 8:18.
He stated that with pride one cannot establish any relationship with God rather only through humility and one’s willingness.
Special praises were presented by Oasis of Koinonia Youth Department.
The crusades are open to all and will continue till July 2022 on Thursdays and Fridays in the evening from 5 p.m. onwards.
BLLBC ‘revival hour’
At the Sunday devotional service, theme speaker, LBCD home evangelist, Rev. RP Murry spoke about God being omnipresent and omniscient.
“God is everywhere and He knows all your secrets, nothing is hidden from God,” said Rev. Murry.
In moments of “darkness and pain”, Rev. Murry said one may feel the absence of God. However, he assured that God always watches over His children.
“When we fall into the darkness of sin, we feel distant from God. However, God is merciful and is present even in our darkest hour,” said Rev. Murry. The speaker also encouraged the congregation to be faithful and lead a truthful life.
Other speakers of the ongoing “revival hour” include BLLBC Pastor, Arhonthung Odyuo, Associate Pastor, P Mhonchümo Tungu, youth director, Thungchamo Ngullie and women leader Nzanbeni Patton. The “revival hour” will culminate on April 26.