Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Rio should offer thanksgiving and take rest

With due respect, our present chief minister Shri. Neiphiu Rio has been in active politics for 35 years and also one of the longest serving chief minister of Nagaland.
We remember in 2001 a ‘friendship village’ between Ungma village and Tuophema village was established under the initiative of then chief minister SC Jamir and then home minister Neiphiu Rio.
That time SC Jamir told Tuophema villagers that Rio had good leadership quality and appealed the people of Nothern Angami –II A/C to vote for Rio. As a result of Jamir’s appeal, the people of Northern Angami –II A/C voted for Rio in majority and he emerged victorious.
But instead of giving thanks to Jamir, Rio betrayed him and formed his own government.
When it comes to leadership the Almighty God has also blessed the Angamis with good and humble leaders to lead Naga people.
When late Vizol was the chief minister his salary during that time was only Rs. 2500. But he ran the State with transparency and whatever money that was not utilized was returned back to the Centre. People said that Vizol could not even build a luxurious house of his own because he was free from corruption.
People also said that he was not greedy or hungry for power. It is said that once Vizol asked late Jasokie to take his place as chief minister saying that he was too busy. But Jasokie is said to decline the offer and replied that he was also very busy.
The people of Northern Angami-II A/C has elected Neiphiu Rio to lead them for 35 years now. Also The Naga people as a whole has acknowledged his leadership by making him chief minister for 20 years.
It is high time for our present chief minister to offer thanksgiving to SC Jamir, people of Northern Angami-II and Naga people as a whole for giving him the chance to serve Nagaland for so long.
Last of all, Rio should give all thanks and glory to the Almighty God for the all the blessings and take rest from politics.
Kevise Sogotsu
Former candidate of Northern Angami-II A/C

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