Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Rio stumbling block for Naga solution: Dr. Ajoy Kumar


All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) in-charge of Nagaland Dr Ajoy Kumar has repeated the charge made earlier by NPCC president K. Therie that chief minister Neiphiu Rio was the roadblock to Naga political solution
Addressing a press conference here Tuesday , Dr. Kumar alleged that only person preventing implementation of the Naga accord was Rio and few of his ministers. He claimed that Nagas were “tortured and troubled for decades”owing to non-finalisation of Naga accord.
He claimed that Congress supported implementation of the Naga accord, but regretted that resolution and implementation of the accord was hijacked so that the ruling dispensation could keep the State under “perpetual trouble, disarray and uncertainty”. Kumar said that Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee president K Therie was the only opposition leader in Nagaland as no other party or leader raised any issue concerning Naga people. He warned that problems in Nagaland would continue and innocent people would bear the brunt unless the accord was implemented.
Speaking on the occasion, Therie expressed the hope that Nagaland was prepared for a change and that the Congress intended to intensify awareness at the village level so that voters could vote on the confronting issues to salvage Nagaland.
He reminded the government could be changed with the support of people and not by Congress. He lamented that Nagas were being deprived of their rights and their aspirations ignored by the government for a long time now.
Therie commented that Parliamentary Core Committee on Naga Political Issue has conceded to two official agreements made between negotiation parties involving the Government of India and admitted that talks had concluded on October 31, 2019.
Therie termed the acknowledgement as a new beginning and that the Government of India was bound to act. He also said if BJP had any political will and remained faithful to its commitment, the accord must be arrived at the earliest.
He also stressed that people have to rise together in demanding early implementation of the Agreed Position and Framework Agreement.
Asked whether Therie contradicted his own statement in which he had lauded the July 16 resolution of the CCoNPI, Kumar explained that Rio was considered a “road block” because he had failed to recognise the Framework Agreement and Agreed position for so long until July 16 resolution, when this was endorsed.
He said the agreement as interpreted by Parliamentary Standing Committee was that settlement would be within the Union of India and inter-state boundary would not be changed, meaning sovereignty and integration were no more.
Therie re-elected as NPCC president
Meanwhile, AICC in-charge Dr. Ajoy Kumar announced the re-election of K. Therie as NPCC President.
Kumar said the process of choosing NPCC office-bearers, including president, vice-president, general secretary was completed and that Therie was unanimously requested to continue to lead NPCC and his name had been sent to AICC for approval.
Therie thanked the electoral college of AICC for reposing faith in him by asking him to continue as president of NPCC.

Cong to contest all 60 seats

NPCC president K Therie declared that Congress would contest in all the 60 Assembly constituencies. Theire said there was no reason to surrender to the ruling party and let them win uncontested. “We will contest all 60 seats in the next Assembly elections,’” he added.
On the other hand, AICC secretary Dr. Ajoy Kumar said that the AICC had prepared its strategy to face the 2023 Assembly election. He also remarked that for the past two decades, Rs 5 lakh crore must have been spent in the State, which failed to reach to the people. This, he alleged has been siphoned off.
He alleged that the money the government had spent during the election was looted from the people. “They are giving the stolen money of yours,” he added.


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