Monday, August 15, 2022

Rising People’s Party seeks public opinion on amount received through crowd-funding

Rising People’s Party (RPP), which initiated a crowd funding campaign to raise Rs.10 crore for completion of Foothill road, has sought the opinion of the Naga public as to what should be done with Rs. 1,96,638.40 it had raised through the campaign.
RPP stated that though the amount raised was small, the campaign was “an overall success” since the it managed to wake up the “pretending-to-sleep UDA coalition government.”

Out of the total amount Rs. 2,08,100, RPP said MILAAP (an online crowd-funding agency) deducted 4% as service fee and the balance amount of Rs. 1,96,638.40 was with the party.
On June 26, RPP said the party met some officials of the state PWD in Kohima to hand over the money. However, it said the officials pleaded the department’s inability to accept the amount on “technical grounds”, and the same was reiterated some days later by the department “after apparent consultation with the state government, perhaps.”
RPP said it was now “amply clear” that UDA coalition was not going to accept public contribution.

Therefore, RPP has requested that all opinions be given within a week by either mailing the party at or to WhatsApp numbers 9856311798 and 7005633696. RPP said the party would not take any further steps till public opinion was sought.

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