Monday, October 3, 2022

Role of students in electoral process

A student being the leader of tomorrow has an effective role to play in the electoral process. The future depends on how an individual contribute and present ideas to the development of a society for the welfare and betterment of the community. To mold this corrupted scenario to a better place to live in, the student as an educated and literate human being can stand forth to bring a change in one’s own society.
A student with his knowledge and wisdom can take part in the role of the election process by counseling within the peer groups, also by correcting their parents, siblings and their love ones on how important election is, and how worth it is that if we take a correct step by choosing a right leader it can bring a great difference in the society. The living standard of the people in the developmental process, in educational development, medical facilities and many more can be balanced if the electoral process is considered a serious matter. It will enlighten many hardships that the people are facing especially in the countryside.
Money should not be the solution in the electoral process. The students can take part in this process by educating the masses to look into the future and work accordingly and not to fall in the evil of money.
The electoral process is a great platform where one can bring a big change for the better tomorrow, and the future depends on us as an educated student to take led in the right path. The future depends on what we contribute now it is “Now or Never”.
Leiwang Konyak A, B.A.
5th Semester, Modern College