Sunday, October 2, 2022

Rongmei Council Chumukedima elects new team

An installation programme of Rongmei Council Chumukedima (RCC) and its frontal organisations Rongmei Youth Organisation Chumukedima and Rongmei Students’ Union Chumukedima was held on March 17 at Rongmei Christian Fellowship Chumukedima.
In a press release, RCC president Meilungrei Panmei and general secretary G K Alphonse informed that while ministering the installation programme, ordained Pastor Dimapur Rongmei Baptist Church (DRBC), Meingandai Gangmei called for confidence in God while carrying the cross of leadership with prayer.
He said that David was also chosen as the King to rule over His people with the wisdom of God.
Rongmei Council Nagaland (RCN) president Chingkhiulung Gonmei congratulated the newly elected leaders and the Rongmei people of Chumukedima district for successful installation of their three organisations of the district. He appealed to the Rongmei people to come forward in support of the chosen leaders physically and financially. Gonmei said RCN being the apex body of Rongmei in Nagaland recognised the newly formed council as one of the federating units of RCN and suggested setting up of Rongmei Council Hall Chumukedima in the future. President of Rongmei Community Dimapur (RCD) James Akham also said Rongmei Community Chumukedima was under RCD and with the will of God and people, it turned into one of the district heads of Rongmeis. He said it was the responsibility of the people to cooperate and extend support to its fellow tribal organisation while maintaining peaceful coexistence with Naga brethren.
The installation programme was also attended by RCN general secretary Kidongam Panmei, Rongmei Council Paren (RCP), Rongmei people of Chumukedima Town, Tenyiphe village, Diphupar village, Diphupar ‘B’ village and Naga United village.