Monday, August 8, 2022

RPP refutes NDPP claims; challenges to live debate

Rising People’s Party (RPP) has challenged the ruling NDPP to a live debate on the latter’s claim that it stood for transparency, accountability, meritocracy and good governance in response to the former’s demand for President’s Rule in Nagaland.
In a press note, RPP termed NDPP’s tall claim as nothing short of hilarious with 99% of the people in Facebook and other social media platforms trolling the party for its comical posturing. Stressing that corruption issue was no laughing matter, the party claimed that it was dead serious and would like to conduct the debate in a town hall/college auditorium in front of a live audience for which it urged NDPP to walk the talk and accept the proposal.
RPP also reiterated its appeal to the Centre to impose President’s Rule in the State.
Having failed on all fronts, RPP alleged that the UDA coalition was now even unable to dispense the salaries of its 1,30,000 employees, which included tens of thousands of work-charge employees whose salaries had been pending for the last one-and-a-half years, saying that it was an unprecedented situation. “Needless to say, there is a breakdown of constitutional machinery in the State,” the party claimed.
As far as corruption was concerned, RPP noted that the severe indictment of the UDA coalition by the Centre through NITI Aayog was more than enough to settle the debate. It recalled that in 2021, NITI Aayog had labelled Nagaland as the worst performing State in the following six parameters –Poverty, Health, Affordable energy, Sustainable cities, Industry and Infrastructure.
It also recalled that in April this year, NITI Aayog had again put Nagaland in the worst performing State category as per its State Energy and Climate Index (SECI) where Nagaland secured 33rd rank out of 35 States and UTs.
Under the circumstances, RPP said the dismissive claim of NDPP that issues of corruption and non-disbursement of salaries were inconsequential was utterly disrespectful, immoral and shameful. It noted that Article 365 was a compelling feature of the Indian constitution and that President’s Rule was more than applicable in a “failed State such as ours”. RPP, therefore, asked NDPP to contact to work out the modalities for the debate.


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