Friday, October 7, 2022

RPP to undertake ‘a walk to save Nagaland’ campaign

Rising People’s Party (RPP) Friday announced its plan to undertake the “task of walking around Nagaland” on the theme “A Walk to Save Nagaland”.
In a press release, RPP said the proposed walk was also the beginning of its campaign for the next general assembly elections.
RPP said the walk, which would begin from Dimapur on February 21, 2022 and culminate in Dimapur, would traverse Mhainamtsi – Thekrujuma – Piphema – Kohima – Jakhama – Pfutsero – Meluri – Kiphire – Tuensang – Tobu – Aboi – Wakching – Tamlu – Merangkong – Tuli – Yajang – Foothill road – Niuland – Dimapur.
Through the proposed walk, which is estimated to take 40 days covering a distance of over 1200km, RPP said it wished to highlight issues that had “kept the state backward for too long.”
The party said it was particularly traversing the foothill road to highlight the “apathetic attitude” of the state government despite pleas from all quarters. “For the RPP, the Walk is a philosophy and an excellent medium to share the party’s ideology and vision with our people,” the party remarked.
It said that other purpose of the walk was to reach out to the grassroots and listen to their grievances and hear their “vision for a new Nagaland.”

Apart from these issues, RPP said it wanted to share its vision, its aims and objectives and its thoughts with the common man. The party added that it was a walk for clean election, for its promise of good governance, to uphold the rule of law, to uphold law and order, for a self-reliant economy, to educate people to elect Godly candidates in elections, to show solidarity to families of the Oting massacre, to highlight the danger of harbouring illegal immigrants in “our” land and to protect Naga identity.