Wednesday, September 28, 2022

RS polls: Thenucho Tunyi grateful; Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu clarifies

NPF working president Thenucho Tunyi expressed gratitude to party president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu and the party for having confidence in him and endorsing his name as the party candidate for the upcoming Rajya Sabha election. In a statement, Thenucho also extended gratitude to individuals and the Naga public in general for their support and prayers.
Thenucho also acknowledged and value the wisdom of the NPF as a regional party, which felt the need to put up a candidate, who would not only present the party interest and ideology, but also the identity and aspiration of the Naga people in general. “As someone who believes in the Regional Ideology all my political career coupled with a deep personal faith in Christ Jesus, I was more than willing to stand up for the Party when an opportunity was offered to me,” Thenucho said.
However, he said that not everyone among the party shared the same view on this point. He said that only time will tell whose wisdom will prevail. Thenucho said that, on his part, he will always be available to serve Naga people whenever situation calls.
Meanwhile, Thenucho Tunyi had refuted the report that he had gone Guwahati to meet BJP leaders. Informing this to Nagaland Post, Thenucho clarified that he had not gone to Guwahati and neither did he have plans to meet BJP functionaries.
Dr. Shürhozelie: NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu has sought to clarify the stand of NPF regarding filling up of party candidate for the Rajya Sabha polls.
In a press release, Dr. Shürhozelie stated that as an old regional party, it was NPF’s “bounden duty” to take a stand to represent the voice of the people, to preserve the cultural heritage of the land, to defend the faith of the people and to voice the urgent need for an early solution to the “Indo-Naga” political problem.
Towards this approach, Shürhozelie said Nagas needed leaders who were well conversant with the political history of Nagaland so as to convey the true picture of Nagaland to the national leaders in the Parliament.
With this in mind, he said the NPF invited application from party leaders.
As such, Shürhozelie said NPF working president Thenucho Tunyi came forward to stand as NPF candidate. NPF president said the party accepted his papers considering him to be the right candidate to fill the lone seat to represent Nagaland in Rajya Sabha, adding that “I highly appreciate his determination.”
To file the nomination of a candidate, Shürhozelie said it was necessary for 10 MLAs to nominate him as per Part X, Misc. Sec. 152 of the Representation of the People’s Act. 1951. However, till the last moment, he said the party “failed to fulfil this required criteria and in this way, the last hour was over.”
Even as party president, Shürhozelie said he was am not in a position to speak for others “how and why this could not be fulfilled.”
In spite of all the setbacks, NPF president sought to express gratitude to the legal cell and NPF central office bearers who took trouble and arranged everything even to the extent of signing the party ticket. “I am constrained to say ‘sorry’ to the people of Nagaland for no fault of mine,” Shürhozelie said.