Wednesday, May 25, 2022

RSU platinum jubilee & general conference concludes

The three-day platinum jubilee-cum-41st general conference of the Rengma Students’ Union (RSU) concluded on Saturday with advisor for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services and Women Resources Development, R. Khing as special guest.
Recalling his days as a student, the advisor said schools during his time, had thatched rooms with no benches.
He narrated how that they struggled to learn, however, many students persevered and became well known individuals “despite the poor situation.”
Comparing this with the present times, he said students now, had all the facilities and described them as a “privileged generation”.
He encouraged the students to cultivate the art of hard work and perseverance in order to reach greater heights.
The advisor also stressed on the importance of skill development and advised the student community to follow the right path and to be good citizens.
Meanwhile, conference speaker, Nagaland University professor, Dr. GT Thong in his speech lamented how many students were being forced to drop their studies “due to financial reasons”.
In this regard, he questioned the youth if they were ready to tackle this challenge.
He said that teamwork and responsibility sharing, regardless of position and status could bring about a positive change in the society. “We see failure due to lack of responsibility and consciousness”, he stated.
Further, Dr. Thong exhorted the youth that effective leadership must be openminded towards discussions and criticisms.
Earlier, the programme was hosted by organising committee member RN David Magh, invocation was offered by director, Nagaland Catholic Youth Movement, Rev. Fr. Philip Magh, greetings by Chakhesang Students’ Union, vote of thanks was proposed by Ehunnu & Yikhanu Students’ Union president, Alfred Kath while Bethel Baptist Church, Tseminyu Town pastor, Rev. Shukhi Mesen.
At the valedictory session, special guest, Naga Student’ Federation (NSF) president, Kegwayhun Tep urged upon the student community to be focused in their goals and to maintain a strong will power in order to be successful.
Further, he encouraged the students to help the society get rid of errors from the past, free from corruption and isms.
Later, a new team of RSU executive council for the tenure 2022-2024 was elected. The team would be led by Ajo Tsela as president, Gwakenye Kesen as vice president along with four other members.

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