Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Sangtam community celebrates Mongmong festival

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Tsarü Suro Union Dimapur (TSUD), Kiphire Area Sangtam Union Dimapur (KASUD) and Sangtam Union Kohima (SUK) on Saturday, celebrated Mongmong festival with pomp and gaiety.
Promote the good legacy without ‘isms’, Pangnyu tells Sangtams
Minister for Health and Family Welfare (H&FW), S. Pangnyu Phom on Saturday, exhorted the Sangtam community to carry forward in letter and spirit their good legacy beyond the borders without “isms”.
Addressing the Sangtam Union Kohima (SUK) golden jubilee-cum- Mongmong Thüpcheh festival at Kisama heritage village, the minister lauded Sangtams for being united and said the spirit of togetherness has made everyone witness the significant day in a grand manner.
Paying his respect to the pioneers and initiators of SUK, Pangnyu said because of them, the mammoth gatherers at Kisama were blessed with loving children in every walks of life.
Pointing out that seeds they had sown were not wasted, the minister added that their dreams have made many officers, intellectuals and social reformers.
The youngsters are second to none as per the statistical record, Pangnyu said. He also stated that elders, settlers and leaders of Sangtams in Kohima have been instrumental in many reformations at grassroots level which, he said, was a living testimony.
Though the tribes were divided by demarcation, Pangnyu said they were united in habits, thoughts and daily practices in life which was a thing for all to pledge in building a robust relationship among each tribe.
Further, he asserted that a great change was obvious in the Sangtam land.
Minister for Soil and Water Conservation, Geology and Mining and chairman NSMDC Ltd, V. Kashiho Sangtam, Müthingnyüba, MLA, and ENPUK president Toshi Chang also spoke on the occasion.
TSUD: Tsarü Suro Union Dimapur celebrated Mongmong festival by organising various cultural activities at Signal Angmai here, on Saturday.
On the occasion, traditional fire making, top spinning and tug-of-war was organized. In the tug-of-war, womenfolk took part and competed against men, where the former emerged as the winners. In all the events, the winners were awarded cash prizes.
The significant of Mongmong festival was narrated by S.T. Sangtam while welcome note was delivered by executive chairman of TSUD, C. Tsalito. The programme began with an invocation by fellowship convener, Chumhori and special number was presented by members of TSUD.
KASUD: Kiphire Area Sangtam Union Dimapur celebrated Mongmong festival at the residence of secretary, NPSC Kohima, John Tsulise Sangtam, Kikhrürüzha colony, Chümoukedima, here, on Saturday.
Dwelling on the significance of Mongmong festival, T Setsathong said Sangtams have about 12 festivals and Mongmong was one of the most important festivals with its predominant theme as worship of God of house and three cooking stones at the fire place.
He said after toiling for several months throughout the year and when crops were ripe for harvest, the village priest would announce the green signal to start the celebration of the festival with due prayers and rites.
He added that Mongmong festival, meaning togetherness forever, was cautiously observed every year, stretching over six days, with the objective to have a bountiful harvest.
John Tsulise informed that the figure “SIX” also bore great significance among forefathers and that each day had its own significance.
Earlier, the programme was chaired by office bearers of KASUD, invocation from Diphupar Baptist Lithro youth pastor, Sepio Sangtam and welcome speech from KASUD president.
Short messages were also delivered by Tsulise Sangtam, DGM NST Kohima, Thomas Kiutsangmong and vote of thanks was proposed by KVUD president, Selipa.
Highlights of the festival included women folk dance, men’s folk song and dance, and welcome song by Ziliba and friends.

TSUD members participating in the traditional fire making competition. (NP)
A cultural troupe performing at the KASUD Mongmong celebration. (NP)