Monday, October 3, 2022

SBAK – Aizuto 7th Triennial Conference concludes


Sümi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (SBAK), Aizuto successfully concluded its 7th Triennial Conference, hosted by Phuye New Baptist Church from December 10 to 12, under the theme “God’s Word Endures Forever”.
A press release by media supervisor, ZTSBC SBAK-Aizuto, Bombo K Yeptho stated that on the first service, director Urban Mission, Rev. Dr. Joshua Rochill, preached on the theme “God’s word Endures Forever”, while in second service, literature secretary, Rev. Picuto Yepthomi, delivered the message on the topic “Fighting the battle on knees”.
Principal, Anderson Theological College, Dr. Shitovi Yepthomi, on the third service spoke on the topic, “Faith in the Perilious time”, while executive secretary, Rev. Mulato Chishi, brought the devotional message on the power of gospel.
On the last service of the conference, mission secretary, Kihoshe Assumi, spoke on the topic “The signs of the end time”.
It also informed that youth conference at Medical Colony Suruhuto Town Baptist Church would be held in the coming days.
Altogether, 90 churches registered for the conference and more than 2000 delegates attended the event.