Tuesday, September 27, 2022

SCOMHK holds fellowship

Sumi Community old Ministers’ Hill Kohima (SCOMHK) held a fellowship on September 20 at Old Ministers Hill Fellowship (SBCK) with Sumi Aphuyemi Baptist Church (SABAK) associate pastor, Dr.Kiheto Shohe as speaker.
A press release by SCOMHK informed that delivering a sermon based on Mark 10:45 from the Bible, Dr.Kiheto said people should follow the true teaching of Jesus Christ and set a good living example as a true follower of Christ.
In his remarks, SCOMHK chairman, Obed Kinimi asserted the importance of preserving the culture and identity of Sumi tribe particularly Sumi mother tongue. He appealed every Sumi to encourage the usage of Sumi language within family and community to preserve and protect the uniqueness of Sumi identity.
The gathering was also exhorted by SCOMHK first chairman, James Wokhami Swu while Fellowship, SBCK, associate pastor, Lujeka Assumi bestowed God’s blessings to the present office bearers and prayed for Sumi community, Old Ministers Hill Kohima.