Tuesday, September 27, 2022

SH urges govt to protect the rights of Kiyevi village

Drawing attention to what it described as “unjustified and illegal blockade” on Kiyevi village by Nagaland Zeliang People Organization (NZPO), Sümi Hoho (SH) Saturday strongly urged the state government to act immediately and protect the rights of Kiyevi village and also ensure that no such instances occurred even in the future.
SH president I Nikheto Jimomi and general secretary Dr. Vihuto Asumi said “such inhuman and unethical treatment” meted out to people of Kiyevi village under the nose of the state government by NZPO was “a vivid evidence of the government’s inaction.” SH said the issue has been “deliberately prolonged” and “dragged to such an extent” due to “lackadaisical attitude and negligence” of the government. SH stated that all Sümi frontal organizations “firmly endorse and reiterate” the decision of Western Sümi Hoho .
Further, SH also took serious note of Commissioner of Nagaland August 13 letter, holding up the payment of damage compensation to Kiyevi village under Package III. Expressing shock over such action, SH questioned “why the legitimate rights of the people of Kiyevi village should be kept on hold in receiving the damage compensation.” SH said it was also “a direct discrimination” and depriving the rights of the citizens of Kiyevi village. SH, therefore, demanded that the payment be immediately made to the rightful individuals or groups of Kiyevi village.
Should any unwanted situation arise due to the failure of the government, SH cautioned that the government should take full responsibility and the Sümi people would not be held responsible to whatsoever the situation that may arise.

CNTC appeals to govt

Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has appealed to the state government to initiate immediate steps to resolve the boundary issue between Kiyevi village and Peren district to avoid further social unrest.
CNTC stated that the prolonged boundary issue has caused immense hardship and suffering to the people residing in those areas. CNTC, therefore, appealed to the government to intervene and act before the situation turn volatile.
Asserting that “hostile attitude” would only harm the peaceful coexistence between brothers, CNTC appealed to both Sumi organizations and Peren CSOs to amicably settle the issue and allow peace to prevail in the land.