Thursday, October 6, 2022

SKK clarifies position on ‘impasse’

All Sumi Students’ Union (Sumi Kiphimi Kikihakulu) Tuesday issued statement seeking to bring to its logical conclusion the “unnecessary impasses”, which has affected the normal functioning of the SKK for the tenure 2022-24 in particular.
In a press release, SKK union assembly speaker Ninoto Chophy and assembly Secretary Vitopu Ayemi asserted that no organizations or individuals should “usurp the authority laid down in the Constitution” of SKK and “execute the same under any circumstances.”
They admitted that the dissolved executive council had “inadvertently committed some unwarranted mistakes”, for which rapprochement steps have already been undertaken.
The signatories, however, stated that at no point in time, the SKK, the Sumi Kiikami Hoho (SKH), the Sumi Totimi Hoho (STH) and other mass-based Sumi civil society organisations had “ever had any frictions or misunderstandings” amongst themselves since all the Sumi CSOs had been working independently under the apex body of Sumi Hoho (SH) with their own laid down constitutions and precedence.
They said that ever since SH “arbitrarily and unilaterally usurped and executed” the provisions of the constitution of the SKK on April 18, 2022, various authorities under SKK have appealed time and again to reconsider the decision made by SH so as to allow SKK to initiate appropriate actions to any officials of SKK according to the laid down provisions in the constitution of SKK.
SKK has, therefore, requested the sensible and right-thinking Sumi public leaders and organizations to review the “unethical actions committed so far” in the interest of all.
Since its inception in early part of 1940 at Imulomi IB (Inspection Bungalow) till date, the signatories said SKK has grown from strength to strength leading the Sumi community in particular on various issues as a single united organization of the Sumi student community.
The student body has, therefore, appealed that any of its units or student leaders, who may have any issues with SKK, to come forward and clarify any misunderstandings. SKK has assured that any issue that concerns SKK could be settled under the available provisions in its constitution.