Thursday, September 29, 2022

SKK U/A restores executive council; revokes suspension of president

The 6th union assembly of the All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) after reconsidering temporary dissolution of the executive council has “unanimously resolved” to restore the Executive Council with immediate effect for all normal and official transactions.
In a press release, SKK union assembly speaker Ninoto H Chophi stated that 12 units out of 17 units present in the assembly “re-endorsed” the restoration of the executive council with consensus opinion and to work towards strengthening the image and integrity of the SKK.
Further, the house resolved that the advisory board and the working committee, which were formed to carry out the powers and functions of SKK during the absence of the executive council, have been dissolved following the restoration order.
The house also revoked the one-month suspension order dated July 13, 2022 to SKK president Katho P Awomi, following the expiry of the suspension period.
The house resolved that he would be reinstated to his former position as president, SKK.
As suggested by the union assembly, it has been decided to appoint addition of two or more person as tribunal members “to deal with any elements confronting the aspiration of the SKK.”
The appointment of the additional members has been endorsed to the executive council, the release stated.