Sunday, September 25, 2022

Social metanoia need of the hour for Nagas

How the world largest Democratic Republic of India is embracing all hurdles on the road to becoming a superpower under the undisputed leadership of dynamic Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji.
It is interesting to observe that India GDP has increased substantially and today India purchasing power parity has increased to higher percentage from the past by several trillion dollars to promote India’s global image.
India, being a superpower in the making can be defined as the extensive ability to exert influence on an global scale.
Perhaps, to established India position permanent member of the UN security Council is the ultimate objective of Modi ji government it appears.
For achieving that ambitious target, Delhi understands that, united India, politically and Religiously will be of a great value.
We find that expression of India unity through their places of worship scattered all across the country.
Such religious places of the Hindus as Badrinarayan in the North, Dwarka in the West, Rameswaram in the South and Jagannath Puri in the East represent the religious unity in India.
It is interesting to read how Savarkar defined the concept of Hindu Rashtra.
The concept of Hindu polity for the protection of Hindu people and their culture and emphasized that political and economic programs should be based on “Varna system” rather than concepts borrowed from the West.
The first draft of the proposed constitution of the Hindu Nation by a group of some eminent seers and Scholars at the Dharam Sansad held in Prayagraj is almost finalized as reported, which is being discussed and debated at Magh Mela 2023 to be held in Prayagraj.
Since many eminent Scholars from various fields representing different regions from across India will be participating in the proposed debate on the first draft constitution on Hindu Nation based on Varna system at Magh Mela, let’s hope, the draft approval committee will never commit any blunder to jeopardize to established India position permanent member of the UN security Council with the support of influential Christian world and Muslim countries.
Perhaps, the global community is observing the policy of the present dispensation at the India political power center New Delhi that is evidently pursuing in dismantling the system set by the Britishers in India.
Some drastic changes are visibly happening in India.
Which includes, India emerging as powerful Hindu Rashtra.
It is evidently clear the pan India growing wealth of godmen in various Hindu Trust.
It is undeniable fact that, while pursuing the ambitious policy to make HINDUSTAN a super power, Delhi political Think Tank is determined to redefine the democracy in Its own term to strengthen the influence of the government upon the subjects and prepared to challenge the duopoly of US and China in few decades.
Keeping in view of all these developments, let’s reflect
On the long pending Naga issue.
Delhi knows that when there is division among the people, their strength will be turned into conflicting forces against each other to achieve their objective.
It’s time that every Nagas retrospectively need to reviewed and remind ourselves that, situation like our’s today, need tolerance, and understanding among the Nagas.
Unity is the basis of the society and nationhood.
No single community or tribe can achieve what a united individual, tribe or community can performed together with progressive mindset to establish secured future in this fast changing India.
Unity provides the people to certainty to resolve things for a brighter future.
If the people work with complete trust, harmony and understanding then nothing is impossible to achieve.
Nevertheless, when there’s division among the people and when society is too cleaved apart, each of its members falls.
Infact, Nagas civilization is based on the structure of closed and protected society, So, unity amongst the various Naga community must be the major element that will help the survival of the peculiar ethnic Nagas.
In this challenging situation, where Hindu jingoism is being promoted by certain section of Indian society, our undivided unity is crucial and the most significant aspect of every single circle of Naga’s lives as ethnic race.
Unfortunately, conflicts, divisions and violence is a huge issue in Nagaland today.
Why should there be so many underground Factions, Associations, Unions and why Naga civil society is so segmented on Community, Region and tribal lines?
Do the Nagas really have Religious, cultural or’ ideological differences amongst us?
There have been many pointless conflicts, divisions and act of violence that have killed thousands of our own fellow brothers and sisters in the name of the Naga’s freedom movement.
As a result, today, Nagas are completely engulfed by uncertainty and are at the cross road politically, Socially and Religiously.
Nagas are in a highly tricky situation inundated by uncertain future.
If the causes of these divisions are due to certain misunderstandings on community stratification amongst the inherent classless Naga society, there’s always dignified way of dismantling the tribal or community stratification through socio-political processes unitedly by the Naga ourselves to eradicate the virus.
Nevertheless, as of today’s situation, there’s a clear sign of dangerous disunity winning over the Nagas.
And consequently, we seem to have surrendered our destiny to be determined by certain people who does not understand the basic history of the Nagas.
Figure out what is most important for survival of the Nagas with our inherent culture, ideology and Faith in this challenging situation.
When someone else, no matter how well placed politically or’ economically, tells us what they think we should be doing, for our future generations, we must remind ourselves that no one else but, we are the master for determining our own destiny.
It is time for Nagas to look up to people of Mizoram and
Meghalaya how they skillfully managed their situation so efficiently in safeguarding the interest of their respective state.
So far, we’ve never heared or seen their leaders bowing down before anybody to govern their states.
Naga intellectuals, Politicians, underground leaders, church leaders and leaders of various civil society organizations need to debate over why this abrupt nonlinearities signs.
why are we Nagas being so divisive?
Why Nagas are becoming so Arrogant and intolerant against each other?
Nonetheless, it is extremely important to remind ourselves that unity and teamwork are the mantras for achieving the desired objective for the future of any individual or the society.
Offcourse, in our lifetime, we will come across many adversities and challenges, there is no saying when we shall come face to face with people who has none but dangerous malice in their hearts for us.
Nagas are raised with an “natural code of ethics” for generations, that has been the pride of the Nagas.
It is an emotional barometer for every Naga to live up to our promises and complete any tasks taken up with all sincerity without any interference from outsiders.
Our forefathers, with their limited or’ no education, nonetheless, could uphold the unity with dignity of the Nagas for many generations, guided by their blessed wisdom without consulting with any outsiders.
It is observed that in this given Helter-Skelter scenario, Nagas need redefining visionary and transformational leadership who can unite the Nagas rather than creating more divisions.
Collective sapient decision taken by the Nagas today, shall create the brighter future that every Nagas are dreaming of.
N. Thomas Lotham,
Former MLA, Dimapur