Sunday, October 2, 2022

Solidarity messages on 62nd Pochury Black Day

Speech of A. Kenneth, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights

I on my own behalf and behalf of Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights bring warm greetings to you all. It’s an honour and a privilege to again address this gathering because twenty years I came as a young man to speak on this same day, what I saw and learn from you people on that day remind every vivid and will remain with me till I die. As we mark this 62 Pochury Black Day, i.e., 6th Sept. in remembrance and commemorate of those martyrs who will ever be in our hearts and in our history.
The brutal and horrific killings that took place 62 years back reminds us that there is still war going on even if there peace as we yet to achieve what ancestor and our leaders fought for.
These living instances Pochury Black Day reminds us that with this gathering history that is Infront of us there are forces still both within and outside the Naga society who wants quick fix solution for personal glorifications. There are even ready to accept packages knowing fully well that it will have political ramifications.
As we march on to achieve our aspirations, I beseech to all the Nagas to learn and meticulously work to avoid this kind of task history to not repeat again. For which yours and my contributions in our nation building urgently request our utmost sincerity.

Speech of Zarsie Nyuthe, Member of Collective Leadership, NSCN/GPRN

The blood-soaked soil of Matikhrii is still wet and flowing in our veins despite being trampled upon by alien hegemonic forces of modernity, power and control.
Every blade of grass, every leaf of every branch in Matikhrii village whispers a message – of peace and unity, of justice and equality that brought Pochury tribe together. We celebrate today not just the martyrdom, but our diversity and unity.
Let no one, including me, or any collaborator of India, through position or power – big or small, shoot off your shoulders for their ulterior motives, to barter away your unprecedented sacrifices and struggle, with a few pieces of silver or platitudes.
May this memorial be an occasion where much fruit and many a flower would come to bear and blossom from every nook and cranny of Matikhrii village.
May every commemoration of Pochury Black Day of the brutal and inhuman massacre of our ancestors on September 6, 1960 remind every boy and girl, man and woman, young and old to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of the massacre stronger, more resilient and more powerful.
The Indian army’s dastardly genocide on Matikhrii which left the entire Pochury Region and Naga Nation stunned was despicable; an act of cowardice, to say the least.
The sacrifices of our brave brothers who laid their lives for the Nation shall not go in vain.
The entire Naga nation stands shoulder to shoulder with clasped hands in solidarity with the families of the courageous martyrs. My heart goes out to each son and daughter, and their generations. You are our true heroes – whose martyrdom reminds us of how much is at stake for our Naga Nation…6th September, 1960, was a black day for Nagalim and I hope we never get to see another day like this.