Solution possible only through mutual agreement: Rh. Raisnig

DIMAPUR, AUG 16 (NPN): NSCN (I-M) member collective leadership, Rh. Raising said that the long-cherished solution of the Indo-Naga political problem can be arrived at “only through mutual agreement; harmonious interdependent relationship of the two peoples can be institutionalized by agreement; and a lasting peace between the two peoples can be brought about by agreement.”
In a statement, Raising emphasised that Indo-Naga issue cannot be solved by might, nor left to time or the next generation, but solved now by “authorities of two people” through political dialogue and agreement.
“We need peace in the land; we need peace not only for the present generation, but also for all generations of the two peoples. We need peace to walk together and live together in all fields. Both the aggressors and aggrieved need peace. All of us need peace because peace is the will of God,” he said.
Mentioning that the two peoples had seen enough fighting, enough killing and enough hatred, Raising stated that they had lived too long in the illusion of false peace and false promises, which would lead to rise of people’s force.
He, therefore, stressed that now was the time for negotiations and peace. “Like it or not, it is the time to live together in peace that is built on the foundation of mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual recognition of right or war will swallow us,” he said.
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