Thursday, July 7, 2022

Speech of Royim, NNC (PB) UNPG president on ‘Naga Plebiscite Day’

My Dear countrymen
Seventy-one years ago, Naga people, irrespective of tribe, age, gender and socio-economic status, with one voice and one vision, declared their earnest desire to self-determine our own future. On this historic day, known as the Naga Plebiscite Day, 99.9 % of the Nagas gave the referendum to the Government of India that the Nagas wanted to be independent of any foreign control. Today, the same spirit and vision continues to burn in every heart of the Naga sons and daughters. Our firm determination to be independent has let the Indian Arm Forces to mercilessly seek and destroy countless number of Naga sons and daughters. We are here todaybecause of the countless sacrifices of our own brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate price so that we can all live to see tomorrow. Today, we remember them and salute them. I also salute each and every one of you for remaining firm and unwavering to the aspirations and vision for which they laid their precious lives. I stand here today with great humility and a heart filled with thanksgiving. Despite the treacherous and a very journey of our struggle, God has not forsaken us. He continues to be our strength and our hope. We have come this far, not because of our might, but because of God’s grace and the ultimate sacrifices of the Nagas.
As a democratic people and nation, we have embraced the idea of one Naga National Political Group (NNPG). After much consultations with political leaders, tribal leaders, civil societies, church leaders, senior officials and prominent citizens of Nagaland, NNPGs took the responsibilities to sit across the table with the representatives of Government of India. Our negotiations are grounded on the ‘Agreed Position’ of the Nagas and GOI. Throughout our negotiations, we have had numerous consultations with Naga civil societies and political parties and we have incorporated their valuable visions and ideas. On 31st October 2019, we have completed the talk with GOI. We are now awaiting the Prime Minister of India to officially sign it and declare the Naga solution.
From the year 2019, Nagaland government under PDA and UDAhas formed committees on several occasions to serve as felicitators for the Naga solution. They have passed and adopted resolutions after resolutions in the Assembly. However, those resolutions simply seem to be an appeasement towards the unrelenting hard works of the Naga cause. In the recent months, some of our Naga legislators have started politicking for Nagaland State Assembly electionin 2023 under the GOI Election Commission. How did they become felicitators of Naga solution to NagaState election? When the entire Naga stakeholders are persistently demanding for an early solution, why are some of the UDA leaders mobilizing the Naga citizens for another State election? Why are some of the UDA leaders gearing up for State election while others are demanding for early Naga solution?
The Government of India has genuinely expressed its desire to sign and declare the Naga Solution as early as possible. The former interlocuters R. N. Ravi as well as the present REPRESENTATIVE OF Home Affairs A. K. Mishra have time and again conveyed the same desire. The top Indian political leaders have also expressed the same. So what is holding it back? How long shall we wait? Who is trying to sabotage the desires of the people? Is the delay caused by some individuals and felicitators who represents Nagas with selfish with ulterior motives?Every works will be recorded in the annals of Naga history. Nagas will not forgive the betrayers and justice will be served.
Our journey is a common Naga journey. Today, we are carrying the torch that our predecessors have passed on to us. Let us not be selfish and prideful but remain humble to uphold the Naga torch with dignity and respect. It is therefore our solemn duty to remain fixed to the prize that awaits us. As we fight tirelessly to conclude our issues, our eyes must be sharp and our minds alert against any hurdles and obstacles. Let us remain vigilant against those individuals and groups who continues to derail and misdirect our Naga struggle. On this auspicious day, I urge every rank and member to uphold the ideals and vision of our predecessors and the aspiration of our Naga people. May the Almighty God continue to guide us with His divine wisdom and strengthen us to complete the race before us with dignity and honour. May God continue to the anchor of our hopes and aspirations.

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