Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Speeches of NPGs on Naga Republic Day

Message of Gen. (Retd.) Viyalie Metha, Kedahge Federal Government of Nagaland

Dear Countrymen,
Thank God for this wonderful day! What an honour it is for me to be here, in your midst, to celebrate such historic occasion! Allow me to extend heartfelt greetings on behalf of the Federal Government of Nagaland and the NNC workers.
Friends and well-wishers of Urra Village and Chakhroma Region, thank you for hosting the 67th Anniversary of the formation of the Federal Government of Nagaland. Thank you , for your hospitality and generosity. May God bless you abundantly!
My dear countrymen, our nation has long been a unique nation. Our glorious past was embroidered with moral and ethical values sure as courage, loyalty, honesty spattered with undying acts of love and heroism. Today as we inherit these virtues let us acknowledge God who bestowed upon our forefathers these virtues.
In religion and spirituality, our forefathers lived in complete reverence of the Holy Ghost who was believed to be the sole proprietor of everything under the sun. The fear of being reprimanded by a divine power for committing a forbidden act was the main reason for obedience and deterrence.
If we look at our neighbouring nations, we find that they were under different rulers at different points in their history. However, our forefathers were never under the subjugation of any foreign rule. They lived in a self-sufficient and self-regulated village republic. Rivalries and fights for leadership were unheard of. Hardwork, honesty, courage and loyalty were the four pillars of the society. They relied on the wisdom of the elders to guide them and the courage and strength of the young men to protect them. How blessed are we to inherit such grandeur!
Preserving one’s honour and integrity and practicing modesty and humility are integral to our ways of life. We must never let go of such values. As a people, we must strive to respect and preserve our language and our dress because they are our identity. They reflect our culture and custom and conserve our way of life. It is as important as protecting our land.
This is why , the concept of “Urra u vie” encompasses not only our land but also our culture, customs, language, dress, beliefs and our way of life.
(Urra u vie, in Tenyidie literally translates as “Our land is ours”)
Before the arrival of the Britishers, we had sporadic conflicts for hundreds of years with the neighbouring kingdoms. Then the Britishers came with the evil intention of just reducing us into a European colony but failed. Following their exit, the Indian Army soon forced it’s way into our land and committed all sorts of unthinkable crimes against us.
They caused the darkest period in our history. The breath and scale of violations of international law ranging from illegal occupation and burning down of villages and granaries to torture and killing of thousands of people including innocent women and children to raping of countless women , mass killings and brutal massacres are down right appalling and amounts to Crime against Humanity.
Successive Indian leaders have said that they had never invaded any country in their history. But the first thing they did after their independence from Britain was to invade our peaceful land. Today India tries to portray itself as an advocate of ‘peace’ while they stand guilty of committing war crimes and continue to deploy it’s force to commit wicked atrocities on our people.
But my dear countrymen, throughout all these years of pain and tears, our eternal God has been our refuge and strength. In our darkest moments He answered our prayers, for we did not flee our land nor did we become refugees in a foreign land. No, we stayed put to defend and protect what is ours.
From the ashes of destruction, God raised us up and gathered us as one people to reclaim what were once ours- our lands our dignity and our freedom.
We formed our ‘Youth Force’, in our eastern region it was known as ‘Safe-guard’ and also formed ‘Women Society’. This helped in protecting and restoring our villages.
God blessed us with visionary leaders who set the foundation for the establishment of a fruitful and God-fearing nation.

  • On 27th of March 1880 the Peace Agreement was made between Pelhou Dolie and Britian’s Brigadier General in Mezoma village. It was done verbally.
  • On 10th of Jan. 1929, the memorandum was handed to Simon Commission in Kohima, declaring our intention to go back to our customary laws in regulating our affairs once the Britishers leave.
  • 2nd Feb. 1946 – In Wokha village, our leaders denounced the ‘ Naga Hills District Tribal Council’ and set the foundation of Naga National Council.
  • 14th Aug. 1947 – Declaration of our Independence to the world.
  • 16th May 1951, On this day we unanimously declared our decision not to join the Indian Union through a plebiscite.
    -22nd March 1956- The Federal Government of Nagaland was established in Parashen, Rengma Region. It also marks the amalgamation of ‘Youth Force’’ and ‘Safe-guard’ into Home Guard.
    -1952 and 1957(1st and 2nd General Elections of India ) – Nagas abstained from participating in these two elections.
    -6th Sept. 1964, Through the initiative of the NBCC (Nagaland Baptist Church Council) the Peace Agreement was signed between Federal Government of Nagaland and Government of India. To this day, we abide by this truce.
    By the grace of God our forefathers and past leaders were able to do the right thing at the right time. They fought and bled for us and defended our land and our freedom with their lives. Because of their sacrifice, our rights as a people and as a nation have been saved and preserved for eternity.
    My dear friends, as citizens of this God- created nation, each day we strive to continue the legacy of our forefathers as we envision the fulfilment of a graceful and God-fearing nation.
    The God who protected and guided our ancestors in the ages past is still our God and is still faithful to us.
    Be bold, stand tall and fear none but God. A new dawn is fast approaching. Let us seek the truth with humility and rebuke the evil with all our might. Let us earn our bread only by the sweat of our brows. Let us carve a fruitful future for our children and their children where peace and freedom ring.
    My dear countrymen, it’s time for us to rise up together, as one people and rebuild our nation into a God-fearing nation.
    May God bless you!

Speech of President NNC/GDRN (N-A), Kiumukam Yimkhiung

Dear comrades,
It is great honour and god given privilege for me to be addressing you once again on this historic and eventful occasion of the 66th republic day of our Naga nation. I give glory and honour to our almighty God for his enduring love and care throughout our struggle.
On this auspicious and historic occasion, let us retrospect and recall about our past. The uniqueness of the Nagas is that , even before the advent of the western education, we Nagas have been existing as independent village republics since dawn of human civilization!
Political theories make us believe that the concept of democracy and republic has its root in the Greek city states; this is a fallacy. The functioning and governance our independent village republics is in total accord with the principles and ideals of democracy around the world today.
Harsh times arising out of conflict with India’s military might have made the leaders of the bygone days to come together at Phensenyu village on this day in 1956, wherein it was declared to form a Naga republic government to look after the governance and to safeguard the freedom and interest of all the Nagas as opposed to village republics. This is what maybe termed as the signing of the ‘social contract’, the bedrock on which our government and Naga nation stands today.
Before India’s independence, it considered of more than 500 princely independent states of which some willingly and some forced to join the union of India. But our forefathers and pioneers had a far sighted vision and dreams for free and self determined Naga nation declaring our independence a day before India.
The unfortunate and bitter truth be told that the struggle for Naga self determination continues till today.
The quest for peace and permanent solution took us to the negotiating table with government of India with likeminded different Naga political groups under the nomenclature of ‘working committee, NNPGs and the signing of the historic document ‘the preamble’ also known as the ‘Agreed position’ on 17th November 2017, and successful conclusion of talks on 31st October 2019,under the able and dynamic leadership of Ino N Kitovi Zhimomi.
As we commemorate the 66th republic day, I most humbly salute and pay my homage to all those fallen Naga brothers and sisters who made supreme sacrifices and paid with their lives for the cause of our nation and all patriots for their sacrifices in pursuit of our long cherished dreams; their contribution onwards the cause of nation will never go in vain and will continue to inspire, guide and strengthen us always.
I thank all the Nagas for your benevolent prayers and thoughts, Its because of your prayers and supplication that God almighty showed the path for unification of different Naga political groups to carry forward the yoke of Nagas . we Nagas are honourable and trustworthy, we believe that GOI has a better understanding of Nagas today and we expect India to live up to her glory and image as the worlds largest democracy. I am optimistic that during this tenure of NDA rule under the dynamic leadership of prime minister Narendra Modi, the Naga issue will see the light of day.
In conclusion I also acknowledge the unwavering support of all the Naga people, Apex tribal Hohos, NTC,NGBF,ENPO,CNTC etc. May the almighty God guide and protect us always.
God bless our Republic