Thursday, October 6, 2022

Speeches on ‘76th Naga Independence Day’

Speech of NSCN (I-M) Ato Kilonser Th Muivah

My Dear Countrymen!
On this joyous celebration of the historic 76th Naga Independence Day, I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
We pay homage to our beloved comrades-in-arms who have made sLpreme sacrifices for the cause of Nagalim for Christ.
We highly appreciate all the civil societies who have taken all the necessary troubles in advocating for the rights of the Naga people at any time of horrible military atrocities committed agai nst our people by the aggressors.
We are thankful to all the churches and prayer warriors who have been praying for the national cause and the workers in the forefront without ceasing.
Furthermore, we are grateful to our friends abroad for their unflinching supports to the cause of the oppressed Naga people. Indeed, the Naga people are deeply indebted to them.
We are Nagas by blood, by culture and by history, who profess the same faith and political concept. We are neither Indians nor Burmese. There should be no doubt about it that Nagas are a sovereign people from time immemorial, which makes our history unique.
Sovereignty is our birthright, which should be defended at all costs. If we cannot defend our sovereignty, our future will be decided by others. If we cannot defend our land, the aggressors will possess it. If we cannot defend our people, we will become foreigners in our own land. If we cannot defend our freedom, we will become a lost people. If we cannot defend our history, it will be uprooted. If we cannot defend our culture, it will be assimilated. And if we cannot defend our identity, we will be proselytized.
We don’t want war, but war is imposed on us. War has killed hundreds of thousands of Nagas. It has destroyed our villages, towns, and forests. It has destroyed our educational institutions and churches. This ugly war has damaged the psychology of our people, young and old. This war must be stopped or it will devour us.
We look for peace, but peace without freedom is a wishful thinking. Peace does not exist by itself. It goes along with freedom, truth, justice and rights.
Cease-fire is a political terminology. It is the harbinger of peace. Cease-fire has been with the Nagas for 25 years now. But we see no meaning in the cease-fire that does not embark upon political negotiation. And we see no meaning in negotiation if it cannot deliver solution. Indeed, we are for agreement, but it would be a form without content if it cannot bring a solution. All the past agreements were no solution because they betrayed the Naga national principle. The Nagas are looking for an issue-based solution. And that we are opposed to imposition of Indian will on the Nagas.
What shall we do if the Government of India imposes its will on us? We need to work out a survival strategy. We must stay the course. Our future is in our decision to stand firm on our sovereign right, not in submission to the aggressors. Our no to the dictation of the enemies w1U save our history. Our survival strategy lies in the power of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. The name of the Lord is our strong tower, which we believe is bigger and stronger than the coal1t1on forces of many kings. The presence of the Lord has been with us on all fronts since the beginning of the resistance movement. Our strength comes from the Lord.
Conscious of it or not, it is God who guides the destiny of nations and the course of their history. He is the author of history.
Let us also take critical note that divisive elements and collaborators are restlessly indulging in slanderous fabrications targeting the Framework Agreement. The irony is that the Government of India is keeping pretentious silence over the Framework Agreement it has signed on 3rd August, 2015. But the truth shall prevail in the long run.
The 31st May, 2022, Emergency National Assembly is one of the turning points in the history of the Naga political movement. We have taken the stand before God and Naga people that NSCN will uphold and protect the unique Naga history and the Naga National principle at any costs. The Naga flag and constitution are indivisible parts of the recognized sovereignty and unique history. We believe the Indian leaders too understand it.
The Nagas have endured 25 years of grueling ceasefire living up to our commitment for peaceful solution of the Naga political issue. We have also waited patiently for seven long years after the historic Framework Agreement-was signed on the 3rd August, 2015. We have not left any stone unturned of what it takes to bring a solution that is honorable, inclusive, and acceptable to both the Nagas and the Government of India. The ball is now in the court of the Government of India to make the right move and to fulfill the commitment given to the Nagas.
Political movement without looking into sustainable economic development is outmoded policy. We have to feel comfortable about the fact that Nagalim is immensely rich in terms of God-gifted natural resources and human resources. The Nagas are blessed with physical, mental and spiritual potentialities to grow. All the nations move forward through the spirit of self-reliance in all fields – political, economy, military and in the field of education. In order to build a strong nation, it is imperative for us to build a strong economy. Therefore, we should be ready to explore all avenues for the generation of revenues to build our national economy.
All Nagas unite with one decision, one faith, and one politics on the principle of Nagalim for Christ.
Th. Muivah

Speech of Gen. (retd.) Viyalie Metha, Kedahge FGN

Dear Fellow Nagas,
Warm greetings to all the Nagas, far and near on this momentous occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Nagaland Independence Declaration. Wishing you all joy and happiness wherever you may be.
Today, we are able to celebrate a great achievement, made it possible through God’s blessing and protection. At the same time, the sufferings, losses and sacrifices endured and given by the Naga people, starting from 1950s till today. Therefore, we owed our existence today and beyond to the Almighty God and the patriotic Naga men and women who had given their all for us to live as a nation among nations. Which is the envy of people around us.
Be proud that Nagas had done and achieved all that is proper and legally right. To narrate briefly our national status from early period till today; from time immemorial Nagas lived freely in their villages without any foreign control. When the British intruded into parts of our country we allowed them to stay in our land without entering into any legal and written agreement. On the eve of the British departure several goodwill diplomatic missions went to meet the leaders of the emerging nation of India. One such important mission took place on July 19, 1947. Where a Naga delegation consisting of Naga National Council (NNC) leaders met the undisputed father figure leader Mahatma Gandhi and informed him of the Naga intention to formally declare Naga Independence on 15th August, 1947. To which Gandhi asked and encouraged the Naga delegation, “Why wait August 15? Why not declare it today? Remember, that was on July 19, 1947. Such good nature and understanding, and goodwill from Mahatma Gandhi. Thus nobody stopped us and has no right to stop Nagaland Independence. That was how Nagaland Independence was declared by the Naga National Council on 14th August, 1947 in Kohima. From then on it is history. Where India is answerable sooner or later. Which we are not going to delve into today. The issue with India is withdrawal of its occupational forces from Nagaland. What matters is, who can stop our Independence.
Coming to Nagaland, the territory of the Naga country, I would like to enlighten ignorant Nagas by quoting the Article I of the Yehzabo (Constitution) of Nagaland, which states;
The territory of Nagaland shall comprise all the territories of the Nagas and such other territories as the Tatar Hoho may by law admit on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit.
Thus, one should not be confused with the puppet state of Nagaland created by the Government of India with the intention to divide and confuse the Nagas. For that matter, from the very inception of the so-called 16-point Agreement which created the state of Nagaland by India was outrightly rejected by the then NNC President, A.Z. Phizo through a statement dated July 31, 1960, where Phizo stated; “No agreement can be recognized regarding the future of Nagaland except with people who are truly representative of the Naga Nation.” Similarly, the Federal Government of Nagaland sent a protest note to the Prime Minister of India on the event of granting full-fledged statehood to Manipur from the Union territory. The protest note titled “A protest Against Naga Territorial Involvement by the Government of India in Manipur” – dated 19th January, 1972.
As such, the name of Naga country is Nagaland – no other name. And no other constitution and no other flag except the constitution and flag of the Federal Government of Nagaland.
This day is also an occasion for thanksgiving. We Nagas are blessed in many ways, which we can count at the individual level and at the national level. But the most important ones are; Nagas as a nation with one destiny on this earth and as Christians for eternity. This is a rare thing in the world. Therefore, we must be grateful to the Almighty God always and look for his guidance and blessing at all times.
I wish to state, that Nagas of my generation have stood against all the odds the enemy unleashed on the Nagas in this past 75 years. And I am proud to claim that Nagas have done well in giving our all to the Naga rightful cause in our own rustic way. Come what may, we are ready to face any eventuality in the years to come. But today, the challenge is upon the youth of the present generation. Who are much better equipped in many respects; educationally, intellectually, technologically and financially. Therefore, the youth must come forward to shoulder the national responsibility and make Nagaland of our dream.
Long Live Nagaland.

Speech of NSCN/GPRN president Akato Chophi

First of all, my Revolutionary Salute to you all on this 76th Anniversary of Naga Independence Day as we give all glory to the good Lord for having sustained the Nagas all through these years of our tumultuous Odyssey though marked with both ups and downs.
We specially honour and exalt our founding fathers for whose unfathomable faith and courage and upon whose platform, we still continue to stand firm to proclaim and profess our inherent rights as a Nation. Let us also remember each and everyone of our fallen heroes, who chose to die than yield, whilst in defense of our beloved Nation.
Today as we all stand at the crucial stage to trying to arriving at an honourable Indo-Naga political solution acceptable to both entities, the top priorities of the NSCN is always to fulfilling the aspirations of the Naga people as a whole and hence we have left no stone unturned in pursuing a pragmatic approach
Today, it is the bounden duty of educated young Nagas to shoulder the gigantic task of this legacy that our fathers left behind for us. It is their duty to analyse and scrutinize the past mistakes and to bring it back to the right track.
Until then, let us all look forward to a bright future where every Naga shall once again be proud to call ourselves a Naga in the true spirits of our ancestors with our heads held high, but at the same time let us also remember that, we are Nagas by birth and not by choice and so as we stand at the threshold of our future doorway, let us be clear that our past and our present must lead us to a future that is secure for all.
The NSCN also with no dearth and paucity acknowledges the immense contributions of the Naga civil societies, churches, Naga public, patrons, protagonists, supporters, sympathisers and every individuals for without whose valuable advises, prayers and supports, we could not have come thus far.
Last but not the least, I call upon all Nagas everywhere, “to raise your hands into the air and proclaim that we are Naga Warriors by blood and by birth and the progeny of our fearless and brave ancestors”
Let it also be made known to the world that, by clinging on to our forefathers’ legacy and perseverance, and for the safeguard of future posterity, we did also unfalteringly and unwaveringly made our stands and stood our grounds, with pride.
Akato Chophi, President NSCN/GPRN.

Speech by President of NNC/GDRN (N-A) Kiumukam Yimkhiung

Dear comrades and countrymen, on this auspicious and historic occasion of 76th Naga Independence, I give glory and honour to our Almighty God for bestowing us the opportunity to once again celebrate this historic day.
On this 76th anniversary of our Naga Independence. I most humbly pay my homage and salute all the pioneers and stalwarts for their visionary leadership, indomitable courage, faith and belief, with which they carried out their ardent yoke for our present Naga generation could proudly proclaim our birth right as a Naga and a Nation.
On this day, I on behalf of all comrades, salute all the brave hearted departed brothers and sisters for their supreme sacrifices and for establishing the foundation of Naga Nation. They shall forever live in our hearts for generation, Today I join the nation in paying my homage to all the martyrs and all the patriots who are no more with us today.
The Naga Nationalism in essence is a movement for the restoration of our political and historical rights. It started with the resistance of British colonizers and later with the Indian imperialism, The Naga since then had been fighting for free homeland and resisting the oppressive occupational forces of India and Myanmar on our land, ever since the British left the Indian sub-Continent. Nagas have always been fierce lover of freedom and equality, our aspiration has always been for self determination and for free Nation.
The Memorandum submitted to the British Simon Commission on 10th Jan 1929 by the Naga Club, “……….to leave us alone to determine ourselves as in ancient times” in the event of British withdrawal from India, but the silent of the British govt for Naga self determination let to the NNC to declare Naga Independence a day before India’s Independence on 14th August 1947 and to augment the declaration the NNC conducted the plebiscite on 16th may 1951 where in 99.9% voted for free sovereign nation.
The Indian govt tried to suppressed and crushed the growing spirit of Naga Nationalism by introducing several oppressive laws and Acts like “Disturbed Area Act, The Armed Forced Special powers Act, Prevention of unlawful Activities act.” etc. But despite of all the torture, Rape, killings, burning of granary, villages .etc. However the Naga freedom struggle have withstood with unbridled courage and Today as we celebrate our 76th Independence day, Let us all remained steadfast to our goal and objective with faith and prayer to our Almighty God.
The working Committee of NNPGs had been in dialogue with GOI since 2017 for political solution which is honourable and mutually acceptable. We belief in peaceful solution not in bloodshed and violence, We have all the faith in G.O.I and that the new Interlocutor, A.K Mishra with his vast knowledge and experience will understand the pulse and sentiment of the Naga and to deliver us our rights during the present term of B.J.P govt under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. The political negotiation between the G.O.I and the working committee of NNPGs have conclude on 31st October 2019 and now the onus lies with the G.O.I to materialize it.
On our Part, we as an entity of NNPGs, We firmly belief and have stood by our commitment given to the Nagas in the hope that it will usher in new era of lasting peace and tranquillity, long desired by our people. We stand united for permanent and lasting political solution, which is honourable and acceptable to this perplexed Naga political solution. The zest of our people to regain the freedom and the glory that we lost and the ‘never say die’ spirit of our younger generation sustains our Nationalist movement. We are optimist that the growing echoes of all the Naga Civil societies, organisations, bodies and general populace for early solution or Solution before Election had reached to those at the helms of India and we awaits for their genuine and matured decision .I am hopeful that our aspirations would be fulfilled with sincerity from Government of India.
The historic event that provoked and instilled the spirit of Nationalism in our minds and the birth of Nagas as a Nation remains true and the NNC/GDRN stands firm to protect this commitment. Lastly the NNC/GDRN (N-A) acknowledges the Commitment, unwavering support and prayers of all the stakeholders, The apex organisations, Tribal bodies ,NTC.NGBF. ENPO. CNTC. Student bodies, churches, General populace etc. May God’s grace be upon us all. “Happy Independence’s Day. Long live Nagaland”

NPGN NNC Ato Kilosner Z. Hozheto Chophi

This 14th August is a great day in the History of Naga, on this auspicious occasion of 76th Naga Independence Day, it reminds us to salute our Naga patriots and Martyrs who laid down their lives for our great Nation, and we will always remember their precious Blood sacrifice for the Naga soil.
Whereas we all know that the political negotiation signing of agreement on 17th Nov 2017 between Govt of India and NNPGs as “Agreed Position” of which the logical conclusion of the Indo-Naga political conflict between the two Nations is concluded under the dynamic Leadership of our convener Shri. N. Kitovi Zhimomi Ato Kilonser GPRN/NSCN and Co-Conveners of Working Committee for the visionary and maturity decision taken for our younger generation for better tomorrow.
I am very happy that the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi step to recognize the Historical and Political right of the unique History of Naga for final settlement.
I appeal to all my countrymen to uphold and strengthen us in your prayers for the long-lasting solution.
May the Almighty God Bless our Nation

Speech of N. Kitovi Zhimomi, Ato Kilonser & Convener WC, NNPG

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Remember, God Almighty created Nagaland. It is neither the British nor the Indians who gifted the Naga people this land.14th August 1947 is our greatest milestone. It epitomises Naga nationhood. This is the day Naga pioneers gently reminded the crumbling 200 year old British Indian Empire and the leaders of the newly birthed Indian nation, the will of the Naga people! Over decades, the blood of thousands of warriors and unarmed civilians have been spilled. We salute their souls.
The Naga struggle is guided by a Spiritual Force and we cannot fail it. We are called to protect and defend our land, our rights and our history, so that our children and grandchildren do not inherit an arid, silenced and doomed Nagaland, bereft of any hope for political, social, moral, spiritual and economic revival. It would be catastrophic because our forefathers left us a great legacy to take forward the Naga vision. The Naga tribes, CSOs and political leaders of today must insist for a space and time for the younger generation Nagas to regenerate themselves for a nobler existence.
I thank our Almighty God for His grace. His wisdom and His will alone resulted in the creation of Nagaland. Human folly; of uncontrolled pride, monstrous egos, reckless killings, nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, selfish motives, secretive political talks over the years, have further eroded common Naga future, having been divided into many states in India and Myanmar first by the British and then by GoI. However, with or without integration, Naga homeland will never evaporate and it shall be known and be called NAGALAND and no other, as coined by Naga pioneers. The leaders and followers, both past and present, are mere tools in the hands of a great Sculptor striking and chipping away to fulfil a greater purpose.
Every nation on earth is predestined to rise or perish. The question before the Naga people is, are we preparing to rise or perish? All leaders will eventually be phased out either by fellow humans or by Supreme time keeper. This natural law applies to everyone be it the Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, WC,NNPG Convener, N. Kitovi Zhimomi or any other leaders. In the Naga context, history will remember who wasted twenty five years in fruitless parlays amassing wealth and enriching themselves and who negotiated with GoI earnestly and brought out the most transparent practical political roadmap for the Naga people at its most divisive, confused, disgruntled and restless hour.
Today, the Naga people must understand and adapt to the dynamics of a fast changing geo-political environment around us. The past gives us our rightful, legitimate space to pursue our goal as a people. The future is how we salvage our people and land through co-existence and mutually ‘AGREED POSITION’. Nagas cannot live in isolation, illusion or simple hope. It is time to set foot into the practical domain. We must learn from history and call for a meaningful existence with our honour and pride intact.
Today, many Naga leaders have become self worshippers and too slippery in their utterances, unable to define the real meaning of SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE, INTEGRATION or NAGA IDENTITY. From 1929 British Statutory Commission Naga memo to 2017, the matter of Naga Flag, which was first hoisted on 22 March 1956, nine years after declaration of Naga Independence, at Parashen, Rengma Naga Country, and the Constitution, which all Naga Political groups swear allegiance to their own, having symbolic, political and emotional space in the Naga struggle, never distracted the Nagas as these elements essentially belonged to the Naga people. These symbolic issues did not disrupt the flow of negotiations during the late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s time. The talks did not fail because flag or constitution. More recently with successive GoI interlocutors, the twin issues never really reached talks-sabotaging stage. They do not feature in FA at all since the intricacies of the Indian system were already accepted, appreciated and understood by NSCN IM. I agree Naga Flag is an indispensable symbol of our resistance but, is it the only element denoting Naga Identity? Is it not a mischief to say Nagas had no Identity before official adoption of the Naga Flag on 22 March 1956? Were we identity-less nomads without land? I tell what is real Naga Identity Naga culture, customs, traditions, defined Mongoloid features, semi naked martial existence, close knit community, generosity, hospitality, simplicity, Village-state governance, rule by warriors and chieftains, finally the entirety of Naga migration and Political struggle against occupational forces, is our Naga Identity.
In the last quarter of 2017, the Government of India, realising the futility of talks with a single group, officially invited the Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGS), a conglomerate of six Naga armed groups, to the negotiation table. Then came the unthinkable, the NSCN (IM) suddenly demanded from the GoI to give them Flag and Constitution unconditionally. Factually, they officially forfeited Naga integration on 29th Feb, 2012, at Agri Expo FNR meeting. Apparently, since GoI started negotiations with WC, NNPGs, the sudden demand and claim for Flag and Constitution became necessary in order to prolong and sabotage possible Indo-Naga solution. How could an entity, having declared successful conclusion of political talks, appreciating the intricacies of the Indian system, demand Flag or constitution? No amount of propaganda can change this fact. There were no subsequent political and administrative initiatives or transitional steps. Till date, the details of FA have been kept away from the Naga people. The bits and pieces which have come into the public domain points to hegemonic, despotic and diabolic agenda straight out of communist rulebook.
Leaders and friends, in Nagaland, ancestral principles of Village administration is an impenetrable fortress because, pure democratic customary laws on land ownership by individuals and community have persisted for centuries. In such a thriving tradition the only way to change and disturb the Naga democratic ethos is by introducing alien land laws through soft propaganda followed by coercive policies. To push in their plan, they demanded from GoI for the creation of the Pan Naga Hoho (PNH). They sought to empower its chairman absolute authority over Naga people, their land and resources. Nagas opposed and fought British and Indian rulers for these very regressive characteristics and laws enforced in our land. Is it not akin to throwing out a snake from the house only to invite in another snake? Having understood the concept and future consequences, in consultation with Naga tribes, the WC, NNPGs during the course of negotiations, flatly rejected the proposed creation of the PNH. The GoI is clear that the Naga people will have a final say over their ancestral land.
I appeal to those accusing WC Status Paper as “edited version of 16 Point Agreement”, “Economic Package” etc. to have the courage to surrender the political documents and arrangements of twenty five years, to the Naga people. Feeding on the bountiful harvest of Nagaland is not a political solution and it must not prolong. Using emotive elements to fuel and drive propaganda machinery is unsustainable. Nagas are readying for a practical political solution. Lest we forget, Adolf Hitler convincingly promised the German people that the Third Reich will regain lost German glory and reign for a thousand years. Confused citizens and frightened German intellectuals of the day, fearing terrible reprisals, blindly supported the Nazis and their propaganda. In eleven years time, by autumn of 1945, Germany was in ashes. The German people had to pay a heavy price for one megalomaniac and his cronies!
Today, Naga people are in a self imposed crisis. There is a confusion between illusion and reality. The world will not wait for us to heal our differences. There are those wide awake but pretending to be asleep. Sixty elected members in the oppositionless Nagaland state assembly led by Chief Minister, as facilitators, having the mandate of the electorate of Nagaland, must translate words into action. Should electoral politics and desire to occupy the chair betray the century old Naga political problem? God of history and Naga public will seek answers. This is a time to give future generations a glimmer of hope for their future.
Every elected member has a copy of ‘STATUS PAPER’, a negotiated document based on ‘AGREED POSITION’ signed between WC, NNPGs and GoI. It is in reality a ‘PEOPLE’S DOCUMENT’. Negotiations were committed as advised by and on behalf of the Naga tribes. WC, NNPGs drastically changed the nature of political dialogue from being secretive to that of completely open, transparent, people-centric negotiation. The status paper is a reaffirmation to all our Naga brothers and sisters in different geographical areas, that there is enough Political space for Nagaland state, Nagas in Manipur, Nagas in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagas in Assam. WC, NNPGS has negotiated for all Nagas to ensure common interest and aspiration. The goal is for inclusive honorable and acceptable solution for all Nagas.
Allow me to clear the doubts of eternal pessimists with preconceived minds. WC, NNPGs can only convey to them that there have been numerous personal and group consultations with Naga tribal leaders and intellectuals from Manipur, AP and Assam. We have had sufficient discussions with leaders and intellectuals from ENPO, CNTC, TPO areas, former legislators, legal and constitutional experts from mainland India and Nagaland. We have also maintained close understanding with our neighbours like the Ahoms, Meiteis and Kukis.
The statesmanship and decisiveness of Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is most desirable at this hour. Naga people have been assured an honorable, inclusive solution many times in the last few years. Negotiation with the GoI interlocutor has concluded with sincerity and full commitment, putting across the practical aspiration of the Naga people. All contentious issues have been tackled in the spirit of mutual benefit and interest. Unresolved matters have been agreed, in principle, to be further pursued through democratic political process post solution. The world looks at the world’s largest democracy headed by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi to resolve the Indo-Naga political issue based on the concluded negotiations of 31st October 2019 with Naga groups. This is a decisive moment for we all live in a limited timeline, be it a political career or lifespan. The universal principle attributed to ‘TIME’ must be taken into serious consideration by the political leadership of India and also by Nagaland State government.
The chairs will remain but occupiers will change. May the wisdom of God Almighty dawn on the GoI leadership.
God Bless Nagaland!

Speech of Yilow Humtsoe acting President of NNC

Dear Naga People,
I praise our living God in thanksgiving for the 75th Year of Anniversary of the Naga Independence Day Celebration of 14th August 2022. This day was declared and acknowledged by the United Nations one day ahead of India’s Independence in the year 1947. This significant day of our National and Historical Right is the main political and democratic right for Freedom of Sovereignty of the Naga people.
Today we also honour and remember the thousands of Naga National martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of the Nagas. Therefore the Naga National council caution the present Naga national workers who are negotiating with the Indian Government not to compromise the very democratic rights for which the martyrs has fought and sacrificed for. The Naga national workers who compromise this legitimate and inalienable right will be condemned and the blood of the martyrs will be upon them.
The Naga National Council have been honouring and celebrating the Naga Independence Day of 14th August ever since the declaration in 1947, as official cable message was sent to the United Nations Organisation and Nagas as an Independent people and nation was acknowledged by the World Body. The Naga people must be very clear about this indisputable democratic right of freedom. Therefore the Government of India and Burma (Myanmar) must officially recognise and declare Naga people and it’s Homeland a free Independent Nation, as both the aggressors have illegally occupied the Naga Homeland for the last 75 years. However, the political situations around the globe is such that the day is not far off as the political plight of Nagas as a suppressed and oppressed nation is now better known to the world.
This is the time for both the aggressors’ Governments to free the Naga people on this Jubilee year of freedom from bondage and control.
The Naga people have been politically suffering for a long time now with tears and blood in the hands of the Government of India and Military Junta of Myanmar, and at this point we yearn for real peace in the Homeland.
The Nagas have been fighting for our political and historical rights to be recognised by other sovereign nations as a free and independent nation to develop itself and to contribute towards peace not only in the region but the world at large. Therefore the NNC appeal to the community of nations to address the plight of the Nagas.
Therefore the Naga people as a whole must stand firm in our historical and political rights to be officially recognised as political situation around the South East Asian countries are fast changing in favour for development.
The Naga National Council as the Parent Body would like to appeal once again to all the Naga people as a whole to unite for the permanent settlement for peace in the Homeland.
In conclusion, the Government of India being the biggest and largest democracy in the world must officially declare the Nagas and its Homeland a Free and Independent Nation to develop itself. And as Government of India has already recognised the Historical and Political Rights of the Nagas to self determine their future in consonance with their distinct identity as unique history and situation. And this will result in permanent peace and development in the South East Asian Region. Praise God in the Highest, Amen.

Speech by Y. Wangtin Naga, President NSCN (R)

Ladies and Gentlemen. Revolutionary comrades of NSCN/GPRN- Reformation in particular and freedom fighter of all other political groups in general, let us not forget to thank our almighty God, Lord Jesus in celebrating our 76th Naga Independence Day on this day, the 14th of August 2022 for creating our invincible political history inspite of our weakness and ignorance.
Our political history is so dear to all of us that, our great fighters bravely fought simultaneously with both mighty Indian Army and Burmese force right from 1960’s without any external assistance but only with whatever resources available in their disposal.
We just cannot abandon their footprint as will amount to sell-out of our birth rights (Identity).
The Naga people without harboring any negative attitude towards any country declared our Independence on 14th August 1947 announcing the existence of sovereign nationhood to international communities but our good neighbor India took it as a challenge to her sovereignty and began to butcher our Naga brothers and sisters which culminated into large scale war between India and the Nagas costing heavy losses on both sides.
Therefore, our political journey involved tears and blood which continued till the days, both NSCN (IM) and NSCN (K) signed bilateral ceasefire with GOI in 1997 and 2001 respectively.
Whatever may cost us, let us not forget our past glory and continue our journey to protect our historical right for self determination of our future.
We have not lost our great freedom fighters in enemies’ hand alone, but our madness fratricidal sordid drama also eaten up many precious lives of great freedom fighters.
We all must feel sorry for our past arrogant and supremacy mindset.
Now the scenario of the world drastically changed bringing all mankind closer then ever before, thus bitterness of the past into sweet brotherhood relationship through inter dependency, whatever the cause may be, without compromising the unique political history of the Nagas, we must find ways and means to resolve our long pending political issue with India.
Thus, the talk started between the GOI and the Naga negotiators for resolution of vexed issue which concluded on 31st October 2019.
Inspite of mutually resolved all key issues, the GOI delays the announcement of final agreement.
The Naga National Political Groups / Working Committee and the Naga people of all Naga inhabited areas are eagerly waiting for announcement of final agreement from GOI since November 2019 but waiting and patience have already crossed the border line. Hence all responsibilities are on the shoulder of GOI.
The hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi must take bold step without wavering least, the movement may take negative turn through the entry of multi-element requiring heavy price to reach such peaceful and responsive environment (which is uncertain).
Y. Wangtin Naga,

Speech by Kiyelho Wokhami Ato Kilonser NPGN/NNC/NA (MK)

I thanked our almighty God for his mercy and blessing upon the Nagas and preserving all the Naga and the Nagas identity. On this auspicious day of 14’ August the Naga Independence day I convey my warm greeting to all the citizens of the Naga nation. On this day we remembered our fallen hero’s who sacrificed their precious life for the cause of the Naga Independence, we pay homage to the thousands patriotic heros.
The present Naga leaders of the political groups, NGOs, and citizens of the Nagas need to retrospect and introspect how we have been struggling for the freedom of Nagaland since from the beginning of the movement, we must also remembered how the Naga plebiscite of 16 may 1951 took place where 99.9 Nagas voted in favour of the Naga Independence.
The Nagas still remain as a warrior and will remain forever, Even the Britishers treated the Naga peoples as honorable people so why don’t we all humble before our creator and come closer to each and unite as one to bring peaceful and lasting solution for the future of the Nagas generation as desired by our people.
No settlement can be done or achieve without unity and integration among ourself, unity is the only way on which our right and aspiration are embedded.
Its never too late to wake up from slumber and this the perfect moment for the Nagas to decide our destiny. Will never give up to defend our right, though there are so many inexplicable miseries and hardship that we faced but still we believe in ourself that we will achieve our cherished dream. I give my deepest respect to all the Naga political groups irrespective of faction for the courage and support to defend the right of the Nagas.
I on behalf of NPGN/NNC/NA (MK) appeal to all the political groups, NGOs, church leader’s, citizens of the Naga nation to unite together as one in order to bring peaceful and lasting solution at the earliest basing on framework agreement, any accord or agreement is not acceptable without flag and constitution in order to preserve our unique history and identity.

Speech by Brig. (Retd) S. Singnya, Kedahge, FGN

My dear Countrymen & women,
It is a great privilege and an honour for me to address you on this historic occasion of the Naga Independence Day, today the 14th of August 2022. I warmly greet you on behalf of all the ranks and file of the NNC/FGN. It was in 1947 that our pioneers and visionary leaders proclaimed the aspirations of the Naga people and took the giant step to declare our freedom and independence to the world on this historic day. We are grateful to our Almighty God for the guidance, protection and sustenance throughout our long struggle for an honourable existence and a rightful place as a Nation among the Nations of the world.
Naga Nationalism in essence is a movement for the restoration of our political and historical rights. Nagas have always been fierce lovers of freedom and equality. Our aspiration has always been for self determination. We do not covet what is not ours or what belong to others but we would keep what is rightfully ours at all cost. The political history of the Nagas first started with the resistance of the British colonizers and later with Indian imperialism. The Naga people for many decades has been fighting for a free homeland and resisting the oppressive occupational forces of India and Myanmar on our land ever since the British colonial empire left the Indian sub-continent. Since the British Government remained silent on the Nagas’ right to self-determination at the time of its departure from the Indian sub-continent, the Naga National Council (NNC) after getting the necessary assurances from the top Indian leaders of the time, declared Naga Independence on 14th August 1947, a day ahead of India’s declaration of independence. To augment this declaration, the NNC conducted the Plebiscite on 16th May, 1951 wherein 99.9% voted for Sovereignty. And ever since its formation, the Federal Government of Nagaland has always stood firm and resolute on the “historical and political rights of the Nagas.”
When it was made clear to India that the Nagas would not join the Indian Union, India started sending thousands of troops to occupy the Naga territories. The massive deployment of Indian armed forces to hunt down the nationalists unleashed intolerable sufferings on the Naga people, they intruded our homes, persecuted and tortured our people without any valid reasons, our women were abused and molested, carried out wilful destruction of our goods and properties, killed and injured many of our people. It was because of these reasons that the Nagas were compelled to rise up with arms against the Indians.
The Indian Government introduced several oppressive laws and acts like the Disturbed Areas Act, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Prevention of Unlawful Activities Act, etc. These Draconian Laws continue to be imposed and enforced in our land by the Government of India, the so called biggest democracy in the world. The Nagas also concluded several agreements with the GoI like the Hydari Agreement of 1947 or the 9 Point Agreement, the 16th Point Agreement, the Ceasefire of 1964, etc. but unfortunately India has not honoured her commitments and successive Indian leaders failed to uphold the promises made to the Nagas by their most venerated leaders like M. K. Gandhi and Rajagopalachari.
However, Nagas have always sought to live in harmony and peaceful co-existence with our neighbours. We are aware that conflicts do not serve any purpose; it is not beneficial either for India or the Nagas. Thus to end the conflict, the NNC/FGN after many rounds of deliberation, consultation and much thought, took the decision to take part in the political dialogues with GoI in 2017 as an entity of the NNPGs, in order to hammer out the differences and arrive at a political solution which is honourable and mutually acceptable. We took the decision to participate in the Talks believing that violence should end and that we should pave the way for peace to prevail in our beautiful homeland which though not of our making or design, has experienced so much violence and bloodshed.
The political negotiations between the Government of India and the Working Committee of the NNPGs having concluded, the solution of the Naga issue may pose as a challenge to the wisdom and statesmanship of the Indian leaders. A positive and a great achievement of the many deliberations between the Government of India (GoI) and the Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs), Working Committee (WC) was the recognition of the Historical and Political rights of the Nagas to self determine their future in consonance with their distinct identity by the GoI. It is perhaps for the first time in history that the GoI has put on record that the Nagas have a Historical and
Political right for future self determination in tune with our distinct identity. The GoI has also given assurance to the WC, NNPGs that post solution the unresolved issues can be pursued by Political Democratic Process. On our part, we as an entity of the NNPGs have stood by our commitment given to the Nagas in the hope that it will usher in a new era of lasting peace and tranquillity, long desired by our people.
As we celebrate the Historic Day, we also celebrate with pride and fondly remember the contributions and sacrifices of the patriots who selflessly gave their lives for the Nation and the patriots who selflessly chose to bear the hardships and sufferings in the pursuit of the long cherished dream. I join the nation in paying my homage to all the martyrs and all the patriots who are no more with us today. I warmly congratulate all the recipients of the awards and special commendations for their dedication and commitment.
God bless us all.