Monday, August 15, 2022

St. Francis De Sales parish conducts first holy communion ceremony

St. Francis De Sales (SFS) parish Kohima, conducts its first Holy communion ceremony on July 3 at the parish main church with parish priest Rev. Fr. Mhabemo Matthew as the main celebrant.
In a press release, SFS parish informed that Fr. Mhabemo shared that the ceremony coincided with the feast of St. Thomas, the Apostle. In his sermon, he said St. Thomas was the first Christian missionary who came to India to “sow the seeds of Christ’s message of love”. In this regard, he urged upon the congregation to “live an exemplary life and respond to the call of God in whatever ways possible”. The ceremony was assisted by Rev. Fr. Alex Tep and Rev. Fr. Martin.
Earlier, the children were instructed and trained by SFS sisters under leadership of superior sister Mariam for 10 days to receive the holy communion.

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