Friday, October 7, 2022

St. Joseph University and Don Bosco College observe Human Rights Day


Don Bosco College

St. Joseph University Dimapur, department of political science and Don Bosco College (DBC) observed the International Human Rights Day, 2021 on December 10
In a press release from St. Joseph University, Dimapur, department of political science assistant professor Dr. Chubatila stated the event at St. Joseph University Dimapur was conducted partially online and offline mode.
The department faculty and students had the opportunity of listening online to Dimapur District Legal Services Authority, panel lawyer Yanbemo Ngullie, who spoke on the topic “Human Rights infringements and the role of society”.
The speaker highlighted the various issues such as poverty, denial of education, and subjugation of women as amounting to gross violation of basic human rights. He also discussed human rights violations specifically in India through caste-based practices of repression against the SCs, STs, OBCs and other marginalised sections, racial discrimination and violence, suppression of freedom of speech and expression through various sedition laws, violence against women both in the private as well as public spheres, crimes against children, human trafficking and so on.
The online session was moderated by university department of political science assistant professor Dr. Chubatila. She supplemented the speaker by emphasizing the necessity to understand the concept of human rights beyond living a mere life, and how the state should ensure decent living of its citizens as a guarantee of human rights. She also pointed out how law can be a double-edged instrument in either protecting and empowering lives, or maiming and taking away lives. Guest speaker’s address was followed by an offline programme conducted in three classrooms of both undergraduate and post-graduate students wherein three students from each semester were assigned three topics respectively. While Elizabeth Y. (BA Sem-I), Soyimkumla (MA Sem-I) and Avilo Achumi (MA Sem-III) spoke on the “Origin and significance of International Human Rights Day”; Otokutoli (BA Sem-I), A. Sazune (MA Sem-I) and Kheboli Swu (MA Sem-III) highlighted the “Provisions for Human Rights in the Indian Constitution”, and the issues of “Infringement of Human Rights in Nagaland” were raised by Lempiba Sangtam (BA Sem-I), Dzuve Chizo (MA Sem-I), and Martina Patton (MA Sem-III). The sessions in these classrooms were moderated by Abetoli Achumi, Benjungnungsang Ozukum and assistant professors in the department, Dr. Chubatila.
DBC: The observance of Human Rights Day was organised with the aim to spread awareness about people’s social, cultural and physical rights to ensure welfare of everyone, under the theme “Equality- Reducing inequalities and advancing human rights”.
The progamme was observed with students and NCC DBC cadets, accompanied by principal Fr. Dr. P Suresh, director Bosco Computer Center, Fr. Christu Das, dean of students’ affair, Zavelu Vero and Lt. Rokovinuo.